X-games: March Madness, NBA comes to X-Lounge

This is very cool news. The X-Lounge, known for its trendy architecture in the Glass Building, inventive cuisine, and happening dance parties, is laying it down for sports fans in the month of March. They're calling it "Hops & Hoops" and transforming the place into a downtown sports bar, complete with multiple big-screen HD TVs broadcasting March Madness games, as well as NBA and NHL games. There will also be a new selection of fine local brews on tap. So make your March picks and head across the tracks to see the action.


What is arhitecture? Too hyped about Chang to spell? Do you not use spell check? McFly?

This is typicle Hook quality control. Seen the recent cover? Man, its crappy, LOL! Nice job Hook.

this is laying it down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk2YNouT9UA
a sports bar, not so much. let me know when the x-lounge changes its mind.

@ Thomas

Oh, the irony. There you are, all high and mighty about "Hook quality control" because of a small typo........and you can't even spell typical correctly. It's typical. Not typicle. What is a typicle? Is that the cousin of a popsicle? ???


That would be architecture with the "c" missing. Sorry for the mistake. It must have been hard not knowing what the word meant. And do I know you?

NHL games?!?! zOmggg. Watch out world, here comes the X-Lounge!!

In addition to the misspelling of the word "typical" there are other grammatical errors that "Thomas" also makes. "Thomas" omits the apostrophe in the contraction "it's" and the comma in "Nice job, Hook."

Maybe there's a tag that can be used to italicize "Hook" too?

I don't claim to be , or get paid to be a writer. Guess I could write for the Hook, though. The cover is still terrible. Like to comment on that, boooo!?

i would love to see this place close. they must need money to be taking it to this level....