Martha Jefferson wants $11 million for leftover houses, buildings

Offering 26 parcels ranging from a $225,000 house on Lexington Avenue to the "iconic, modernist-style" Physicians and Surgeons Building at the corner of High and Locust, Martha Jefferson Hospital announced Wednesday that it will be accepting offers on a trove of North Downtown properties around the campus it plans to abandon later this year. The Hospital, relocating to a site on Pantops Mountain in August, stands to reap $11.15 million if all 26 parcels sell for their listing price.

Already, the main hospital buildings were sold last fall to a Charlottesville-based investment group. The new offering consists of a variety of houses, parking lots, and medical buildings surrounding that campus, which changed hands for $6.5 million.

According to information provided by the listing company, CB Richard Ellis, there's a deadline for submitting offers on any of the 11 grouped or individually-listed properties: 5pm, April 20.

The Hospital, which recently merged with the Hampton Roads-based Sentara health care system, indicates in a February 23 release that some of the properties might become residences while other sites may be redeveloped.


Bigger isn't necessarily better, and I will miss the locally owned, in town located hospital.

And if you are planning elective surgery - wait - I 've been told that MJH is in such upheaval preparing for the Oct. move that everything is at sixes and sevens, not a good time for accuracy. Oh, and don't high tail it over to UVA hospital either, new computer system causing massive disarray - maybe best if you 're desperate head to the valley, or D.C., or just forget it.

Good grief. If you don't even know that the hospital is moving in August...not October...I'm not sure I'd put much stock in the rumor that MJH is in such upheaval. They've been preparing for the move for a long time which has resulted in a smooth process. If they hadn't been doing anything to get ready, then maybe it would in upheaval. Also, a lot of elective surgery is done in the outpatient surgery center which isn't even moving. Thank goodness for passing along unfounded rumors.

It's very hard to keep technology updated in an awkward old facility like the "in town" MJH. One of the MRI units in the "in town" building was located in a tractor trailer backed up the hospital. It would be irrational to miss an arrangement like that.

All of these have been property tax exempt but will be put back in the system as taxable so it has to help the City's bottom line in property tax collections by next year.