Property transactions

Michael L. Wright to Bonita A. Bossi, 4690 Oriole Court, $181,750.
Bankunited to Amir Alonzo Jenkins, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 1052 Glenwood Station Lane, $194,600.
Keith Alan Schultz to Robert L. Canady, 106 Bedford Place, Laurel Hills, $330,000.
Steven G. Hughes to Commonwealth of Virginia, 0.014 acres, $8,800.
Southern Property LLC to Sherry G. Graves, 2115 Sundown Place, Sundown Place, $323,535.
Laura C. Hall to Sarah Ryan, 3027 Colonial Drive, Jefferson Village, $331,000.
Samuel I. White, trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, parcel, $134,103.
Caroline Nunley Satira to Cynthia M. Rodriguez, 103 Whetstone Place, Hessian Hills, $333,600.
Richard W. Zamorski to Ted F. Martin, 2032 Lonicera Way, North Pines, $378,000.
Michael P. Sadler to Mark H. Muhler, 4865 Helios Path, Barboursville, $863,900.
Matias Gil Munoz to Deborah L. Clarkson, 2312 Finch Court, Briarwood, gift.
Gary Wayne Brown to Equity Trust Co., 1.0 acres, $93,400.
Charles W. Hurt to Tiki LLC, parcel, $433,100.
Virginia Land LLC to NVR Inc., parcel in Montgomery Ridge, $155,000.
Rolei LLC to Bernie E. Anger, 19.03 acres at Piney Mountain, $1,350,000.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Peter Komlosi, 2046 Acorn Hill Court, Forest Lakes, $404,600.
Elmer Lee Shifflett to Anna Johnson, 1.59 acres at 237 Colony Drive, $74,900.
Robert Disbrow Jordan to Ann D. Harris, condominium unit in University Village, 500 Crestwood Drive, $271,100.
Matthew Greenstone to Jacob A. Irwin, unit in the condominiums at Hessian Hills, $133,000.
Craig Enterprises Inc. to Thomas L. and Sharon A. Bellucci, 4628 Mechum’s River Road, Highlands at Mechum’s River, $356,798.
Richard C. Kauffman to Sandy Jo Robertson, 1613 Old Trail Drive, Ballard Field, Crozet, $279,500.
Craig Enterprises Inc. to Robert E. Ginsberg, 6405 Woodbourne Lane, Upper Ballard Field, Crozet, $636,301.
Benny L. Layne to Keith Sandridge, 2.5 acres at 6516 Hillsboro Lane, Crozet, $74,800.
Edward G. Epp to Carol S. Burger, unit in Merion Greene, RiverRun, $174,700.
Robert M. Hauser, trustee, to Southern Property LLC, parcel in Belvedere, $140,000.
Jack G. Steinberg to Scott S. Goodwin, 4.687 acres on State Route 600, 210 Campbell Road, Keswick, $631,700.
David Schumacher to Thomas C. Muhlbauer, 2.72 acres at 11 Cedar Creek Road, Earlysville, $454,500.
Peggy F. Lee to Gyaltsen Druknya, 2170 Devonshire Road, West Leigh, $298,295.
Barbara Thompson, trustee, to Graven W. Craig, trustee, condominium at Solomon Court, $60,000.
Inez Sheppard Haynes, trustee, to F. William Fischer, 1201 West Leigh Drive, West Leigh, $457,500.
Dale G. Lindsay to Michael E. Bellot, 3165 Timberwood Parkway, Timberwood, Forest Lakes, $231,000.
North Pantops Townhouses LLC to Southern Property LLC, condominium unit at Pavilions at Pantops, $85,000.
Jonathan P. Castillo to Gregory P. Schwartz, parcel in Redfields, $226,700.
Jeffrey A. Hazard to David L. Hurd, 3902 Mount Alto Road, Ramsey Creek Farms, $275,000.
Citifinancial Inc. to Tanner O. Lundgren, 1.25 acres at 500 James River Road, Scottsville, $218,100.
Jonathan J. Rhee to Thomas D. Meriwether, 11059 Bristlecone Lane, Willowbend, Forest Lakes, $205,000.
Kathleen F. Lawrence to Jason A. Gerstenhaber, 1132 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum’s River, $258,900.
Colonnade Associates LLC to Filthy Beast LLC, parcel X, $232,900.
Colonnade Associates LLC to Old Ivy Partners LLC, parcel in Pear Tree House subdivision, $447400.
Thomas E. Hudson to Emma C. Coleman, trustee, 1.8 acres at 1556 Monocan Trail Road, $138,250.
Big Deal:
Rolei LLC to Bernie E. Anger, 19.03 acres at Piney Mountain, $1,350,000.