Ghost stories: Local metalheads now stronger but more paranoid

Where do you go after you've already blasted into outer space? After local prog-rockers Corsair released their debut record approximately one year ago, they immediately began pushing their boundaries. In between perfecting their solos and harmonies, Corsair also managed to cobble a new recording, an EP called Ghost of Proxima Centauri.

"It is an extension," explains guitarist and frontwoman Marie Landragin. "You travel through space, and now here come the adventures."

Each of the six tracks is a self-contained "short story," according to guitarist and vocalist Paul Sebring, with common themes of restlessness, war, and tension.

In "Burnish the Blade," violence looms ominously on the horizon. With "Warrior Woman," you aren't quite sure who's hunting whom. "Centurion" is a commentary on war, while "Eyes of the Gods" meditates on "people who try to control your life, closed circuit cameras in London, whatever," according to Sebring.

The group has also pushed itself to a new level of technical comfort and proficiency, honing their live show and self-producing the record with the help of local engineer Lance Brenner, best known for his work with the Falsies.

"It's a good reflection of how much we've grown as a band in the last year and a half," says Landragin of Ghost. "None of us are of the same genre. We all end up tweaking each other in places we wouldn't have if we all played the same style of music."

"It just didn't come out in the last one," she continues. "The songs are difficult and complicated, but we love that."

Bassist Jordan Brunk is more philosophical: "We're paranoid, but adventurous, going through the adventures looking over our shoulder."

The next adventure is another EP, though there's also talk of a video made with stop-motion-photography video. Take us to Warp 9, lieutenant, as there's just no telling where Corsair's spaceship will land next.



I heard they are good.

You heard wrong. The guitar player, Paul, is really good but the rest of them are pretty lame.