Mt. Solon's Gomorroh? Cops find possible tryst shack

Augusta County investigators say they have found a tiny cabin containing evidence about 200 yards from the home where an allegedly violent teen dove into the bedroom of his married paramour's home only to be shot and ultimately crippled by the husband.

In addition to charges against the woman, Kimberly Crilley, for unlawful carnal knowledge of the now 15-year-old alleged home invader, charges have also been placed against the boy whose lower leg was reportedly amputated after it was shot in the January 13 incident that took place in the community of Mt. Solon.

The Waynesboro News-Virginian has the latest on the sordid tale.

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She's hot.

And pissed.

She's sick. Looks like she was keeping the kid hidden away like some pet dog. Some kid is going to get killed one day by one of these sick bitches.

How embarrasing it must be for her children and her husband.

Gomorrah is misspelled in your headline.

So, now there is more evidence of this sick womans games..hummm..this kid is going to grow up to be a huge menace to society, thanks to the mentally ill adults in his life! I have not heard anything for a while as to what is going on with the enabling mother? Has the husband filed for divorce yet?
Hopefully Crilleys charges will stick, hopefully the mother will be in jail beside her, and the father down the hall.
These people need some serious help!

Today they call him a victim and her a criminal. When I was 15 he was called lucky, she just oversexed, and her husband poor sucker.
Prosecuting women for having sex with 15 year old boys (who want it and want it bad) as though there were an equivalency between that and an older man doing a young girl (who may be coerced and not wanting it bad) is one of the things that makes people everywhere else in the world laugh at our cartoon culture.

The sexes are not equal and never will be.. For reference I refer to Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary" and his definition of cynic.

Funny.....she's not smiling in this mug shot like she was the last one.....

Funny.....she's not smiling in this mug shot like she was the last one.....

I think kids under 18 shouldn't be doing it, period!

She doesn't look like she's worth losing a leg over. And what exactly makes the teen "violent", as stated in the article? Oh well, considering some hookers cost an arm and a leg, it sounds like he got off at half price. I guess this case qualifies as EXTREME coitus interruptus.

Just looked at the other article. Why is the kid locked up? For breaking into a house that SHE invited him into? That's not a crime. I don't care if there is another occupant that didn't invite him. That's not a crime.