Kuttner convicted: X-Prize winner guilty of disorderly conduct

X-Prize winner and Hook Person of the Year Oliver Kuttner may be best known for his convictions about the need for light-weight, fuel-efficient vehicles, but he now has another sort of conviction: the legal sort. On Valentine's Day, a Lynchburg District Court judge didn't show Kuttner any love when he convicted him of disorderly conduct and fined him $250 for his role in an October traffic stop gone wrong. Lynchburg's News & Advance has the story.


quote: "If an officer pulls you over, do what they say,’” Kuttner said.

I'm sorry Kuttner had to learn this the hard way. His "contempt of cop" display on the side of the road was worse than the reason he was originally stopped for. And a contempt of cop attitude usually results in some type of legitimate charge being dreamed up rather quickly.

The legality of the stop and the cop's actions are best fought in the courtroom.

In my dealing with Kuttner while wearing a badge and gun I never saw him act this way. I guess it's all in how you talk to people.

Would everyone get off Mr. Kuttner's a**? It appears people relish picking on someone who has done so much for this town, Charlottesville, and Lynchburg. Yes, people should so respect to police officers, but he was also contrite about his actions. Give the guy a break!

He deserves to get busted for this just like ANYONE else would, dude!

Yeah, Kuttner was ticked with being stopped but the cops exacerbated the situation, not Kuttner.

Tell ya what, you dont' mouth off to the cops like that in Germany.

Who cares? I got a parking ticket yesterday, print that.

Das is Unsinn! Die Zukunft Lynchburgs liegt in Kuntters Haende!

Don't worry, Old Friend. Kuttner is a smart man.

He won't show his anger, but he will get even when Lynchburg leasts expects it.

bestimmt! Ich stimme 100 Prozent zu!

so he has money. he still has to follow the law.