Senator Jim Webb says he won't make a bid for re-election

news-senatorjimwebbWebb spoke to Sabato's class in April.

About a month after UVA-based pundit Larry Sabato placed Virginia's senior U.S. Senator, Jim Webb, on his list of seven vulnerable members of the Senate, Webb reveals that he won't run again.

The move came in an email to supporters. The man that Webb dethroned, George Allen, has announced an interest in reclaiming the Senate seat.

The election is not until November 2012, and Allen is the only candidate to have have officially announced.


Not good news. Webb is the type of Democrat the party needs, to counter the image in states like Virginia that the Dems are the party of urban liberals who want draconian gun control laws and think everyone should be a vegan.
I dread the idea that we will get that supercilious twit Malibu George back representing us in the US Senate.
First Cuccinelli and now maybe Allen involved in our state government!

Another despicable hypocrite, congress we need you to investigate his income over the last several years, I don’t understand how he can own such a large swath of pristine land with ponds and a mansion, on 120k a year.

Republicans like Allen and Cuccinelli run on the idea of smaller government and lower taxes - both reasonable propositions - but when they get in office, all they want to do is restrict abortion, push bibles/prayer into the public domain, and persecute Democrats. If they could keep away from the divisive social issues, who knows what they could accomplish? Instead, we get investigations of college professors and the thinly veiled racism that seems to be woven into their every utterance.

Allen may get elected, but we all know that he is incapable of true leadership. There is no vision there, just ambition.

No doubt he realized that whatever Obama's re-election hopes as a whole are, his chance of winning Virginia again are slim. The GOP will turn out in 2012 in Virginia and that will benefit Allen.

Most likely he has his own reasons for not running again as well, but this electoral headwind must have influenced his decision.


Webb might have to fight, but I would not use 2010 as a reflection. Lots of people that didn't show up in 2010 will show up 2012 to vote for Obama. Those people won't be voting for Allen.

Good. He realized, or was persuaded to realize, that he was wasting his time in office. The system is broken, the rich have won. Work in their interests or leave before you are forced to.

Concerned about Jim Webb? Check out his bio. Besides having his college and legal education paid for by you and me, he has never had a "real" job outside of government in his life.(author and filmaker???)

No wonder he couldn't take it anymore, he was being asked to answer for his inactions and his constituents' questioning his worth.

He has been playing the government hand out game his entire life, since his ROTC scholarship in 1963. Not sure if he has ever had a real job......

Good bye Lt. Webb.

Names being bandied about to replace Webb:
Kaine- tainted by the Soering and Biscuit Run affairs
Perriello- too close to Obama and a left wing agenda
But, wait who is the one person with the name recognition, financial backing, intelligence, and charisma to beat Allen ?

tick tick tick --times up

John Grisham - spread the word.

@ HarryD, Webb has probably done more for his country than you ever have, or could dream of doing.

Webb is the kind of politician the country needs, not totally rabid on one side of the political spectrum or the other.

ser- you have no idea.

Not sure he did more for the Country than I did- it would be a toss have no clue.

but this was not the point.

Pleeeeeze tell me what he has done for this Country that I, or anyone else, may not have also done.

Actually don't bother- he's gone and now we get to see another phoney baloney attempt to change everything.

Come on people. We all know the dems will put Tom P in the race.
The Chicago Mudslingers will start a race baiting campaign followed by anonymous testimonies accusing the Repub of kicking dogs or slapping some kids.

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