Eagle Construction of Virginia Inc. to Kristopher Janezik, 814 Cole Street, Belvedere, $285,000.

A. David Drayer to David C. Shonka, 2632 Holkham Drive, Lewis Hills, $499,900.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to Atlas VA 1 SPE LLC, $5,054,800.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to Atlas VA 1 SPE LLC, 374.1820 acres of rural preservation tract, The Rocks subdivision, $1,219,000.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to Atlas VA 1 SPE LLC, 29 lots at Ragged Mountain Farm, $11,199,000.

Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to CitiFinancial Inc., parcel, $218,100.

Richard Kent to Kai Ruppert, 3652 Worcester Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $567,500.

Gresham M. Sykes, trustee, to Alan David Drayer, 2197 Shepherd’s Ridge Road, Rivercrest of Dunlora, $418,600.

Chet N. Seapy, trustee, to Joshua A. Mitchell, 1125 Raintree Road, Raintree subdivision, $305,000.

NVR Inc. to Catrina L. Hairston, 2733 Aldersgate Way, Abington Place, $261,280.

NVR Inc. to Adriana Florez, 2731 Aldersgate Way, Abington Place, $276,365.

Steven R. Taylor to Kara Williams, 1323 Breckenridge Court, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $475,000.

Daniel R. Nelson to Donald E. and Kathleen A. Hamilton, 1668 Royal Oak Court, Mill Creek, $239,000.

Lisa S. Brook to George M. Capozzoli, parcel on Forest Lane, English Oaks subdivision, $307,800.

Christopher W. Spofford to Lonzy E. Wood III, 2986 Magnolia Bend, Forest Lakes South, $280,000.

Ruth M. Nesbit to Lauren E. Hauser, 960 Devon Spring Court, Redfields, $210,000.


Rio Road Enterprises LLC to Grace Carpenter, trustee, Church of Our Savior, 2.19 acres on State Route 631, $775,000.

Allen R. Goode to Ryan B. and Zarina M. Burdge, 2924 Brookmere Road, Woodbrook, $305,000.

Timothy E. Murphy to Kyle F. Oyama, 782 Filly Run, Cory Farm, Crozet, $366,000.

Cecil William Tate to Benny L. Layne, 2.5 acres at 1400 Lanetown Road, Crozet, gift.

Stephen R. Braddock to Michael D. Schuman, 2370 Walnut Ridge Lane, Bentivar, $650,000.

Thomas James Ross II, trustee, to Jennifer E. Dixon, 1574 Cool Spring Road, Townwood, $159,900.

Robert Matthew Grady to Christopher W. and Megan S. Spofford, 309 Pleasant Place, Forest Lakes South, $495,000.

Laurel Park Investments LLC to Hwa Shim Lee, 0.064 acres at 1370 Timberwood Boulevard, Hollymead Town Center, $243,275.

Gregory T. Baldwin to Scott B. and Kathryn A. Gorry, 1709 Doringh Place, Still Meadow subdivision, $605,000.

Gregory Charles Jackson, trustee, to Shane C. and Stacy S. Torrence, 1470 Old Ballard Road, $299,000.

Hauser Homes LLC to Andrew J. Ferdinand, 840 Cole Street, Belvedere, $310,825.

NVR Inc. to Edwin S. Roseberry, condominium unit at 461 Rolkin Road, Pavilions at Pantops, $229,040.

NVR Inc. to Molly R. Manuse, condominium unit at 463 Rolkin Road, Pavilions at Pantops, $221,953.

Donald Manning to Steven R. Taylor, 2518 Montgomery Ridge Road, Montgomery Ridge, $595,435.

William T. Zuk to Gresham M. Sykes, trustee, condominium unit in University Village, 500 Crestwood Drive, $321,000.

George T. Welsh to Angela DelAlamo, 1118 Marion Drive, Ednam, $645,100.

Robert J. Lynch to Thomas M. Cooke, 5.230 acres at 4064 Watts Passage, $401,000.


Beights Properties I LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., parcel in Village Center, Old Trail, Crozet, $764,400.

Marjo M. VanDijck to Scott Thomas Lepto, 6223 Cling Lane, Orchard Acres, Crozet, $153,000.

Belvedere Station Land Trust to SHRR LLC, parcel in Belvedere, $165,000.

Robert A. Ridder to Timothy M. Kunkel, 856 Summit View Lane, Cory Farm, $400,000.

Christopher C. Poe to Jose L. Tomsig, 2064 Weatherwood Drive, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $228,0900.

Brian E. Corbey to Phyllis L. Payne, unit in Clifden Greene condominiums, 1252 Clifden Greene, $170,000.

NVR Inc. to Mary Megginson, condominium unit at 459 Rolkin Road, the Pavilions at Pantops, $229,415.

Keith A. Crawford to Anne Grady, 2008 Leyland Drive, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $331,500.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to William A. and Betty J. Newman, 0.128 acres at 6918 Welbourne Lane, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $410,565.

Big Deal

Samuel I. White, trustee, to Atlas VA 1 SPE LLC, 29 lots at Ragged Mountain Farm, $11,199,000.