Sheriff credits TV station with arrest

A woman wanted for failing to appear in court showed up on the Newsplex February 3 talking about the safety of the Westhaven neighborhood following a homicide.

An Albemarle sheriff's deputy recognized Ernestine Rawlings from her TV appearance, and went to Westhaven, where he learned that she was regularly in that neighborhood dropping off a relative in her white van, but she lived on Webland Park, according to a release from Sheriff Chip Harding.

Deputies arrested Rawlings there February 4, and Harding issued this advice to fugitives: Don't be interviewed by TV reporters because you'll be on the 6 o'clock news.

In the past 60 days, the Sheriff's Office has arrested 26 other fugitives.



Must be getting close to election time! :)

Great Job! Regardless of what time of the year or term it is, good job Sheriff.

What was she supposed to be appearing in court for originally? If it's something petty then this is stupid.

And who were these 26 other "fugitives"? (bit of a dramatic word. To me a "fugitive" has the connotation of somebody in prison for something big like murder, who breaks out and is on the run, hiding out by day sleeping in brush piles, traveling by night by the light of the moon, eating random weeds and roots, hijacking cars on the highway and being all Hollywood-like. :D) Is it petty nonsense, or something big and legit?

OhNoFiveOh, it's just a political observation. Whenever an elected official is nearing re-election, more and more press releases are made. In other words, get your name out there in in as much print and TV coverage as possible.

Or as in the case of the upcoming Greene County sheriff's election, a sheriff generally turns all press releases over to whomever they have endorsed. This is why you will see Randy Snead making all press releases coming out of Greene from now until November.... name recognition.

This type of press release (as above) should make the average voter ask what they have done for the preceeding three years. And why a press release was necessary right now. Well, obviously, I have explained why above. :)

Some people are so concerned about having their face in public that they don't realize the consequences.

" Harding issued this advice to fugitives: Don't be interviewed by TV reporters because you'll be on the 6 o'clock news."

Why would he issue this advice?

Ahh, The price of fame...

Why would he issue this advice? Ahh, because it's funny and makes a lot of people chuckle.

Or perhaps he simply want to give fugitives a fighting chance since they don't seem to be real bright in the first place.

If I had to guess what she is a fugitive from boooo, I'd start with same thing most in Westhaven are fugitives

It would appear The Hook, in the person of Lisa Provence, has deliberately obfuscated things in this case, the better to titillate the readership through implying the woman is a "desperado", rather than the most likely explanation that she's a petty offender whose apprehension wasn't worth police effort until she gave herself up by appearing on TV. Next time you want to put up a crummy little article like this, why not do your job and tell us what charges she was facing?

Ummm, where does the article suggest that the woman was a "desperado"? And are you suggesting that people with outstanding warrants shouldn't be located when it requires minimal investigation by the sheriff's office?