Mary Alice Beard to Christine Stutsman and Deborah Ann Martin, 1147 Mill Park Drive Ext., Brookmill condominiums, $191,600.

John Coles to Greenmount Farms LLC, 44.0 acres, $402,500.

Brenda D. Hathaway to Douglas D. Drysdale, 425 White Gables Lane, White Gables, $1,169,750.

Scott Timothy Rombach to Ian D. Brill, 2375 North Chesterfield Court, $355,000.

Alison E. MacCleery to Francis H. L. Huang, 284 Autumn Grove Court, Village Homes in Mill Creek, $255,000.

Andrew N. Robitaille to E. Randall and Erin E. Ralston, trustees, 4.77 acres 947 Cismont Ridge Road, $516,100.

U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to William B. Stilley, 308 Pleasant Place, Pleasant Ridge Forest, $549,200.

Jacqueline I. Hansen, trustee, to William H. and Judith B. Smith, 2136 Loring Circle, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $385,000.

Virginia Land LLC to NVR Inc., parcel in Montgomery Ridge, $155,000.

Graham C. Ramsey to Christopher M. Smith, 1044 Autumn Hill Court, Western Ridge, Crozet, $322,500.

Janet M. Zerrenner, trustee, to Marcia C. Henry, trustee, 3232 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $650,000.

Bingham C. Jamison to James R. Stone, 1615 Shady Grove Court, Mill Creek, $269,500.

Robert C. Wood Jr. to Edwin F. Crandley, 1048 Hayrake Lane, Redfields, $293,000.

Robert E. Beard to Andrew Modlin, 1665 Hawkwood Court, Laurel Ridge, $525,000.


Mark E. Warren to Gregory S. Allen, trustee, 1515 London Road, Ivy Farm, $715,000.

Brian C. Fischbeck to Robert C. Wood Jr., 1271 Riverchase Lane, Riverchase of Dunlora, $520,000.

Terrance T. Burns to Rodney Ray and Elda Janene Lemay, 0.2310 acres at 1745 Jumpers Run, Forest Lakes, $273,000.

Benjamin J. Thompson to Whitney Payton, unit at 2414 Barracks Place, Hessian Hills condominiums, $142,500.

Wayne E. Lineburg to Daniel S. Strand, 3080 Morewood Lane, Highlands of Mechum's River, $296,500.

Larry A. Miller to David J. and Nancy K. Hall, 3.81 acres at 1508 Sunflower Fields Drive, Blue Hills, $629,585.

Old Trail Homes LLC to Bruce R. Hathaway, 252 Grass Dale Lane, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $325,000.

Catherine Junker to Michelle Diane Jividen, unit in Riverbend condominiums, 300 Riverbend Drive, $150,000.

George C. Palmer III, trustee, to George G. Grattan, trustee, condominium unit in University Village, 500 Crestwood Drive, $335,000.

Olaf Pors, executor, to Jason S. Banaszak, 102 Northfields Circle, $321,550.

Robert A. Woodward to Prudential Relocation Inc., 1533 Jarman Lake Road, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $372,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Gavin McCleery, 1533 Jarman Lake Road, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $372,000.


Aaron W. Cooke to Wilson Richey, 5.197 acres at 3091 Red Row Lane, Strawberry Hollow, Esmont, $250,000.

Robert A. Cox to Kristine F. Kwok, 228 Barnsdale Road, Camelot, $179,900.

Hari K. Narasimhamurthy to Ronald W. Rhondeau, 738 Russet Road, Grayrock, Crozet, $345,000.

Old Trail Creekside LLC to Commonwealth of Virginia, 0.105 acres, gift.

Southern Property LLC to Keith A. Lancaster, 6742 Welbourne Lane, Creekside at Old Trail, Crozet, $460,305.

Glasser and Glaser PC, trustee, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Autumn Woods, $574,510.72.

Luke S. Choi to Mary Lou Hayden, 454 Heritage Court, Redfields, $295,000.

Fannie Mae to Paul R. Nedelisky, 2317 Ravenswood Court, Ravenswood, $203,340.

Heida S. Hawkins to Michael J. Pierce, 1085 Earlysville Forest Drive, Earlysville, $298,000.

Julie Ann Bowns Balik to Ivan K. Rekosh, 3347 Woodcreek Drive, Woodcreek, $600,100.


Turner C. Lisle to John C. Kokola, 1620 Hathaway Street, Avon Park, $295,000.

A. Ward Sims, trustee, to Greenmont Farms LLC, 44 acres, $123,200.

Ted J. Geissler, trustee, to Sriram Natarajan, 1999 English Oaks Circle North, Forest Lakes South, $354,000.

Southern Property LLC to Jeremy S. Jones, condominium unit at 2136 Sundown Place, Pavilions at Pantops, $272,500.

Hamill D. Jones Jr., trustee, to Citizens and Farmers Bank, 2.001 acres in Montvue subdivision, $664,900.

Thomas G. Nolan, trustee, to Todd M. Forest, trustee, 65.9 acres on State Route 637, $600,000.

Roosevelt Mortgage Acquisition Co., to Donald R. Walker, 2.0 acres at 1566 Old Lynchburg Road, $75,000.

Kwabena Afriylie to Kwadwo Boaykye, 2232 Finch Court, Briarwood, $135,000.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Associates, parcel in Highlands at Mechum's River, $197,047.

William M. Mihalko to Michael D. Erickson, 2.0 acres at 3150 Rocks Farm Court, $999,400.

Old Trail B4 LLC to Southern Property LLC, parcel at Ballard Field, Old Trail, $77,000.

Virginia Land LLC to Desiree Bagheri, 1683 Monet Hill, Montgomery Ridge, $660,335.

Old Trail B4 LLC to William C. Ober, 1645 Old Trail Drive, Ballard Field, Crozet, $403,841.

Big Deal:


Brenda D. Hathaway to Douglas D. Drysdale, 425 White Gables Lane, White Gables, $1,169,750.