QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Do you think Morgan Harrington's killer will ever be caught?


Sean Aeran: "It seems that there's probably a relationship between the amount of time past and the likelihood of whether they find the killer. Unfortunately, it sounds like probably not."


Sonia Jammes: "Whether or not he's ever caught by law enforcement or not, I'm sure he will pay a price in some way."


Morris Daniel:"I can't answer that question because that's through investigating and whatever leads they get. I wish I could, but I can't. But man is due justice through his ways and actions, and he's going to pay for it. He's got to lay down with that every night."


The government has been taking blood from every child born in a hospital in the United States and many other nations without the knowledge or consent of the parents and sending it to a United Nations dna database since the early 1970's. If the person linked to the DNA evidence was born in a hospital in the United States and is age 38 or younger, the government almost certainly took this person's blood at birth, froze it, and dna sequenced it. They even patent people's own blood types without them knowing it. God knows what else they do with it.

Yes, I do think he or they will be caught. I believe it is just a matter of time. There will come a day, out of the blue, that they will have enough evidence to convict. The police department will make absolutely sure first before they indulge anything.

Someone and some people know to know something. Whether it is someone who saw her get in the vehicle on the Copley bridge or people who know him. Unfortunately it may take years, but he will serve justice.

I am from Glaucester, VA and now live in CA and am married to a Private Investigator. He will be caught. There are too many sick people out there. My sister's friend along with one of her girlfriend's were raped and killed in the Blue Ridge Mountains many years ago while they were hiking.


Yes, he will be caught, it is just a matter of time. His DNA is on record. We have a sketch of him. He will slip up.

I absolutely think he will be caught. Unfortunately, my fear, like the Harrington's fear, is that he won't get caught until he hurts another person. I am hoping this is not the case. I have felt all along that someone knows who did this--they are just too afraid to say so. Please come forward.

Most likely the investigation has become a little more complex, perhaps they have multiple suspects, or they may have to investigate across state lines. I'm concerned that her attackers have multiple victims -- I doubt they'll stop killing until someone locks them up. Remember the Oxford Row rapist (Harrington's killer) strangled his victim before raping her, and lucky for her that she'd only passed out, was revivied later. But did her rapist know that she wasn't dead? It seems that he meant to kill her, too. For someone to be that dangerous, the sooner he's removed from society the better for all of us.