CORRECTIONS- Wrong photographer, chef, Python, kitchen, and owner

In last week's news section, the action photo of the firefighters preparing to douse the burning car was taken by Charlottesville Fire Marshal W.A. Hogsten.

In last week's Restaurant week insert, the responses to the questions by the Aberdeen Barn came not from chef Robert Johnson but from assistant chef Matt Nottingham.

Last week's cover story, ""Reversal of Fortune: Albemarle House goes on the block," contained the following errors:

  • Thomas Sullivan is not the owner Albemarle's most expensive spec house. Sullivan sold the land to developer Alex Toomy, and it's now owned by a bank (and for sale for $3.95 million). 
  • Albemarle House's kitchen is not on the ground floor. Its two kitchens are on the main floor, and realtor Ross Stevens did not comment on the location of the kitchens.
  • The Black Knight did not appear in Life of Brian Any Python fan know he's in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.