MOVIE REVIEW Little resemblance: New <i>Gulliver</i> more Arthurian than Swiftian


I want to tread carefully here, and not because I might step on a Lilliputian and squish him. I want to explain who Gulliver's Travels is for, and who it might not be for. One person it is definitely for is Gloria DeMent, the 84-year-old grandmother who wrote AP film critic Christy Lemire in horror after spending $96 to take four generations of her family to see The Nutcracker in 3D. She wrote: "It broke my heart when we left the theatre that my little great-granddaughters (5-13) had sad little, confused faces." Believe me, Auntie Glo, there would have been smiles on those faces after this movie.

On the other hand, this is not really a movie for Jack Black fans – not of the Jack Black of "School of Rock," for sure. They're used to seeing Jack with his shirt off, but to see their bad boy getting tiny cannon balls embedded in his belly may not be what they have in mind, not even when he sticks out his gut and the cannon balls pop out again and demolish an enemy armada.

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