YIR- Eight local Newsmakers plan to make 2011 fabulous

They made the most of 2010–saving an Ice Park, debuting films, dropping albums, leading a University community– but these local newsmakers are already looking forward to how they can make the most of 2011.

photo by Jen Fariello

Betsy Casteen, former first lady of UVA

"Every year I vow that I will not sweat the small stuff– and every year that vow is broken!"

photo by Jen Fariello

Chris Farina, filmmaker and director, World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements

"What I'm hoping for is more of the same. I'm working on the same project, and my resolution is to keep at it. It doesn't feel like there's an end to the year and a beginning, just the continuation of a long project."

photo by Jen Fariello

Mark Brown, Ice Park savor

"I'm hoping to learn to become a better ice skater."

photo by Billy Hunt

Brian Wimer, filmmaker and director, Danger. Zombies. Run.

"I hope to make a movie my kids can watch."

photo by Jen Fariello

Adam Long, guitarist, The Sometime Favorites and The Derelicts, groomsware model extraordinary

"Perhaps it's a little generic, but I need to become more organized. I spread myself very thing with all the various musical ensembles, to it's easy to bypass the 'work' part. I need to make time to write and actually practice to make sure that I'm continually bettering myself musically."

photo by Jen Fariello

Guinevere Higgins, Blue Ridge Backyard Harvest partner and founder, Charlottesville League of Urban Chicken Keepers

"I will keep a garden journal, and faithfully update it until the season is over. I almost always start one, and then abandon it when things get busy. And since this is one of the recommendations that I make to my clients, I feel a professional obligation to practice what I preach!"

photo by Tom Daly

Jay James, sports director, WINA and executive producer, Virginia Sports Network

"To be kinder, and more considerate of others than last year. I just want to be a better man and do more to bring people together in our community, a community that I love."

photo by Tom Daly

Adam Smith, frontman for Invisible Hand

"My New Year's Resolution is to stop procrastinating." [sent in right before deadline]