Barry N. Yancey to Commonwealth of Virignia, 0.064 acres, $6,715.

Fannie Mae to Stephen Y. Park, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 135 Yellowstone Drive, $85,500.

Beatrice N. Roots to Rodney V. Meadows, 1733 Old Brook Road, Fieldbrook, $285,000.

Fannie Mae to Benjamin R. Doerr, 534 Summerford Lane, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $182,000.

Equity Trustees LLC to Scott R. Stinson, 9.723 acres on State Route 614, $992,000.

Citibank NA, trustee, to Boris Gelmont, 104 Chaucer Road, Canterbury Hills, $344,700.

Luther Cameron Howell IV to Bryan D. Frady, 1471 Reynovia Drive, Lake Reynovia, $319,000.

Richard Ludlam Nicholas to John VanNess, 5.18 acres on State Route 708, 3813 Greenville Drive, $764,900.


Kontturi E. Carrington LLC to Dirk Ringers, 1950 Gremont Road, Ashcroft, $425,000.

Todd K. Brown to Tyler A. Masse, 3323 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $229,000.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $213,587.

Freddy H. Gibson to Robert W. Robinson, 109 Inglewood Court, Oak Terrace subdivision, $204,500.

James K. Sannes to Jonathan B. Lyttle, 2.30 acres at 2737 Lonesome Mountain Road, $675,000.

NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Swistock, 2442 Abington Drive, Abington Place, $222,614.

NRV Inc. to Kaye Rasmussen, 2440 Abington Drive, Abington Place, $243,564.

John H. Knight Jr. to William Davis, 570 Rodes Drive, Greencroft, $585,000.

Mary Jean Stouffer Ritter to Roger L. Mitchen, trustee, 968 Laurel Glen, Redfields, $399,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, to Rodney F. Ballard, 2629 Warwick Place, Westmoreland, Earlysville, $264,800.


John Young Joon Kim to Sarah E. and Nicholas Rudman III,  0.05 acres at 2705 Aldersgate Way, Abington Place at Hollymead TownCenter, $280,000. 

Liang H. E. Hahn to Gerald M. Weinstein, 1102 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $330,000.

Randolph F. Davis to Commonwealth of Virginia, 0.001 acres, $8,260.

Doris S. Davis to Commonwealth of Virginia, 0.061 acres, $14,825.

Norman E. Tarbell Jr. to Dorothy M. Northcutt, 0.267 acres at 2528 Indian Laurel Road, $290,800.

T. O. Rainey III to John G. White Jr., 1.97 acres, $16,500.

Tammy Stirling, ex., to Jeffrey S. Pixton, 6.917 acres at 4474 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $310,000.


Andrea S. Horne and David A. Denton to William G. Schnorr, 0.157 acres at 344 Minor Ridge Road, Wynridge, $205,000.

Tomma G. Todd to Andrea S. Horne and David A. Denton, 0.6637 acres at 3504 W. Monacan Drive, Carrsbrook, $289,000.

Hardware River Farm Inc. to John M. Baird, 21.18 acres on Hardware River Road, North Garden, $329,200.

Mellon Bank NA to Matthew I. Staples, 14.971 acres at 3393 Buck Island Road, $325,000.

Commonwealth Trustees LLC, trustee, to Citibank NA, trustee, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $117,000.


Beth Ann Patten to David C. Simeone, 427 Woodhaven Court, Oak Hill, $389,000.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to Dobson Homes Inc., parcel in Foxchase, $210,000.

Kay Leigh Ferguson, trustee, to Janna C. and John Lee Welborn Jr., 1.557 acres at 836 Broomley Road, Flordon, $1,095,000.

James L. Vandecar to Mary Boyd, trustee, 2122 Brownstone Lane, $232,400.

Fannie Mae to Magen LLC, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $86,925.

Connie S. Hicks to Stefan D. Bechtel, trustee, 3.0 acres on State Route 609, 2670 Free Union Road, Free Union, $458,200.

Clement A. Hoth to Christopher A. Friedline, 6.0 acres, $216,700.

Joshua F. Blanthorn to Scott A. Jackson, 1250 Hunters Ridge Road, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $338,500.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to Argent Development LLC, parcel in Four Seasons, $147,600.

North Pantops Townhouses LLC to Vivian Kong Doctora, 2157 Saranac Court, Pavilions at Pantops, $306,460.

Big Deal: 


Kay Leigh Ferguson, trustee, to Janna C. and John Lee Welborn Jr., 1.557 acres at 836 Broomley Road, Flordon, $1,095,000.