QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What should be done to solve homelessness in Charlottesville?


Paul Rosen: "Well, I wish I knew. I think our mayor is certainly on the ball on that and if he doesn't know the answer, why would I?"


Tashia Bowles: "More homeless shelters for them to come and go without a specific time that they have to be in. A little more oriented for them, so they'll feel welcome to come in and not discouraged from coming in."


Harold:"There's no simple, easy answer. For starters, education, job market, the list goes on and on. If you listen to the news, you'd find out there are a couple of issues in Washington D.C. right now. One of them is extending unemployment benefits as well as tax cuts for the other group. My proposal would be, why don't they do the impossible? Why not expand the better paying jobs at a faster rate?


I would say hire a City manager/administrator, who knows what the problem is and who has dealt with the situation before......and who can advise the city council on how to handle the problem.....or, hire a consulting firm for a few million dollars to make suggestions.....or take that money and hand it out to the homeless and the problem will go away- only to return when the word gets out that the homeless problem has been solved in Charlottesville- hey, Mayor Lindsay did that in NYC in the '60's didn't he? PROBLEM SOLVED!

This is a problem that is hard to solve these days. who will fund the money the home? people have to stand up and say this have yo done and ready to accept fight this problem.

Stop adding sodium fluoride to the water!

End taxation, it has all kinds of beneficial effects

I am just a cold hearted person I guess.

Guiliani solved it in NYC. These folks go where they think the money is. I do not see this being an issue in those locations where there is no money walking on the streets like you see in Charlottesville.

Let me know if I am missing something here.

Are there any other societal problems that have been "solved?" The idea that there is an absolute solution to a complex problem is specious.

How about not giving them anything- they will move on to warmer and more lucrative locations......

Getting the sodium fluoride out of the water would increase the i.q.'s of the people enabling them to comprehend the massive scam the government has become, and decrease their docilicy and servility, causing them to rise up and take the government back, increasing prosperity and ending homelessness. So there.

Hey, just throw money at it- and it will get better and go away- works everytime- ie public education, welfare, unemployment insurance, yup works great!