QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What did you do on Black Friday?


Walter Lundwall: "I didn't buy anything. I worked."


Camilyn Leone: "We went for a walk along the Hudson River in New York and avoided stores, but we did shop on Small Business Saturday."



Monique Carey:"I worked at Belk from 3:30am to 4pm. No shopping; I was too tired."


Shot a nice whitetail deer.

I had a cavity in my tooth so I gnawed on a two pound sodium fluoride wafer! Yummmy!

Waited to see if Black Fri-day turned into Black Fri-night!

I sprayed people with barium and aluminum and biological waste from a military blimb 100,000 ft. in the air! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oops I meant to say blimp, not blimb. And I forgot to mention that I included nanochips that infest your brain in the mix too! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Took my daughter to Toys-R-Us at 4:00 a.m. Have been sick ever since, one step from death! The doctors claim it appears as if I was exposed to biological warfare somehow! :)

They ought to just come out and say it: Mayday! Mayday! We're being sprayed with humanicides!!!

Sorry they didn't hit you with one that acts more quickly.

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