THE SPORTS DOCTOR- Auburn's creed: Turned upside down by Cam Newton

Auburn's field now seems tainted.
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Pollyanna is one of my favorite movies. Little Hayley Mills brings sunshine to a grouchy and hard-hearted town. She looks for and sees the best in people. It's a philosophy to which I've always subscribed and believed to be true, but it gets hard sometimes.

Judging from the warm reception Auburn quarterback Cam Newton received after evidence of his academic cheating and recruiting violations surfaced, it is obvious that what my husband has long told me is true: I'm in the minority.

Most people don't care if college athletes lie, cheat, steal, rape, do drugs, skip class, beat up their girlfriends, and generally grind common decency under their heels. Win, whatever the cost– that's what most people believe– and Pollyanna that I am, I don't understand why.

I'll be blunt: Cam Newton and every college athlete like him makes me sick. Newton was caught cheating three times at the University of Florida-three. He stole another student's paper, put his name on it and turned it in. When his treachery was discovered and he was given a second chance to write the paper, Newton bought a paper off the internet and turned it in. When he was caught for that, do you think he was man enough to face Florida's Student Conduct Committee? No. He ran. He transferred to a junior college to escape disciplinary action. He tucked his cheating little tail and ran.

Why is soliciting money taking center stage? Why weren't heinous academic infractions enough to turn Cam into a pariah? Didn't that junior college see his transcripts? And Mississippi State– why did it take Cam Newton's father's demanding $180,000 to make them back away from the table? They never should have come to the table in the first place. Based on his history at Florida, any academic institution should have been sickened by the sight of Cam Newton.

Any school that knew Newton's history at Florida and offered him admission should be admonished and any that offered a scholarship should lose its accreditation, especially Auburn. If Auburn knew of it, the school is unforgivably complicit in Newton's mockery of his fellow students, his professors, and academics. Here's a bit of the Auburn Creed, "I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully. I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men." 

What a joke.

An even bigger joke is that Cam Newton's history of cheating has been mentioned only as an aside to a story about the money. Even as I write this, Cam Newton is grinning at me from the sidelines of the Auburn-Georgia game, and students who worked their butts off to get admitted to Auburn and parents up to their necks in debt sending their kids to school are holding signs that read "don't hate on Cam."

Head coach Gene Chizik is not just playing Newton, he's defending him, calling him a "phenomenal kid." Gene Chizik, a graduate of the University of Florida, is petting and preening and defending a coward who defiled the honor code of his own alma mater.

I am sickened by Cam Newton and everyone who aided and abetted him, and if that's Pollyanna-ish, I'm glad. The day corruption in sports doesn't turn my stomach is the day I lose my self-respect. Win, win, win– there are more important things.

No matter what he does on the field Cam Newton is a liar, a cheater, a coward, and a loser. Cam Newton's behavior at Florida should have been the key that locked the door of every academic institution with an honor code. If Auburn didn't know about the cheating when they admitted Newton, they darn well know about it now, and Newton should be expelled immediately. But Auburn shouldn't forget to ask for their money back. 


Juanita Giles lives on a farm in Charlotte County with her husband, son, and many dogs.



Sometimes, in order to see the best in people, you must first see the worst. Some people are born into misguided moral situations rather than addictions, or other emotional issues. We all most overcome, to some degree, our upbringing in order to be a better individual. According to his coach, and his prowess on the field, this young man does his homework. Let's hope that none of our futures are given up on due to transgressions of youth.

I agree pretty sad really.I've seen other players sit ffor way less

He was not caught cheating, the University of Florida denies he was being brought up. It is mere heresay. I am not an Auburn fan but get your facts right before sounding off like this.


You assert many things that haven't been proven.

How exactly would you know for certain whether Cam was caught cheating at Florida if those records are legally protected and no one at UF is able to confirm it? You are making big, emotional decisions about someone based upon speculation.

Next, why are you are crucifying Cam, judging him, based upon his father's alleged shakedown of MSU? Was your father a perfect man? Mine wasn't. Are you your father? I'd like to think while my fathers actions would reflect upon me, that people would judge me for who I am and not what my father did.

Write this story when facts are known and support your story. Until then, you are judging a young man based upon what bloggers such as your self have written about him.

He chose to cheat... repeatedly. No one made the choice for him. There were rules to follow and he didn't follow them. He's been in school for quite some time. I think he's capable of understanding and practicing dicipline in that area after 13 plus years. Yes everyone deserves to repent and start over. He was given this opportunity and then disgraced those who gave it to him. Obviously he is an excellent football player. If he worked on his character as much as he works on his game he would be a great man as well.

What's even more sickening is someone that says they always try to believe the best of everyone, then proceeds to bash a young man on nothing but speculation and gossip. You say you believe in fairy tales, apparently you don't believe in redemption.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. He also stole another student's laptop... and yeah there's proof.

your hating on cam just like everyone else. he might have cheated at florida but they didnt report it until they realized they probably should have begged for him back. they have no proof that he took money from auburn. hes a good player, one of the best. if he played anywhere else and didnt have these records that he has made, then no one would even bring his name up. but because he has a talent, everyone is trying to bring him down. but that is what people that envy do.

Ethics in Journalism turned upside down by CAM stories-
Juanita, you, along with many in the journalism blogosphere, have decided to indite a young man based on speculation, assumptions, and rumors. You have the audacity to call Cam Newton a coward, but you sit behind your keyboard and crucify him without any evidence, except stories which you have read on the internet. You make me sick! Journalists used to report facts- now it seems OK just to repeat anything as long as somebody else said it.
For the record, there is only one direct source of the allegation that Cam's father asked for money during his recruitment, all of the other "sources" stem from there, and that source is Kenny Rogers, a man that has been charged by the NFLPA with 15 counts of fraud & misreprentation to football players. Other than that, there is no factual evidence that has been published on the record.

Perhaps the BIGGEST JOKE is this article. Maybe one of the worst/ dumbest pieces of literature I have read in my lifetime. May want to do your research. Allegations are allegations, more so than saying anything about Cam, Auburn, or the principles in which the school stands, this article says one thing... you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. May want to stick to what you know, and that clearly isn't this situation.

If the cheating scandal turned your stomach, you might want to have a bucket by your side when you read this:

This article isn't a joke. The laptop issue is not an "allegation" or "hearsay" or even in question. However, first time offenders often get second chances - Newton did. Nobody is crucifying on that alone, but that gave him his second chance. IF he indeed cheated at Florida, which by all accounts is highly probably even though not fact, that would be his second strike. Cheating a second time, also highly probable, his third, and so on. The money allegation is yet another. And Rogers is not the only person involved. Several sources have talked to Cam's father and even one discussed money with Cam himself. If you were placing odds on money exchanging hands, you would have to make them extremely tilted in favor of Cam's family taking money.

It's not an issue of "innocent until proven guilty" that the article refutes. Rather, Cam is by all accounts a troubled individual who has made several really bad mistakes. Cam isn't the only person playing football in that position. The article states that nobody should be playing football when they have dishonored the university or the sport in such a way. Look at LaMichael James at Oregon (remind anyone of Lawrence Phillips??). Justin Blackmon at Oklahoma State (would have missed more playing time while sitting in jail if his DUI was in Oklahoma rather than Texas - by State Law minimum penalties!). Yet they both sit one game. Felonious actions by all three players mentioned (Cam, Blackmon, James) could and often do result in "real" people losing their jobs and unable to attain similar ones. These players sit for one game and are back at it. It's truly a shame. I'm grateful to see the author of this article agrees.

The rumor is MSU boosters are being targeted not Auburn; Rogers, Bell and Bond all played for MSU. Juanita Giles, shame shame.

Wow!!! Lots of hearsay and no, make sure you understand that, NO FACTS!!! No one except Thayer Evans (who by the way was shown to report false statements in the past) has accused Cam of cheating. And the absolute biggest DA mistake everyone is making is this connection with Kenny Rogers...according to Bill Bell Kenny Rogers sent him a text Message that said, "This is what I want and this is how I want it!" Why wouldn't he have texted...This is what HE wants and this is how HE wants it!?

The bloggers (which is a nice term for people that could not make it as a real journalist) are grasping at straws!

Ok if you guys want proof of Cam Newton's thugness just google the court records for Alachua County in Florida. (You know we have everything in the Sunshine here.) There's your proof!! He actually had 4 arrests. 3 related to the computer theft and another for breaking into a dwelling which was dropped. He also has 8 more violations related to various traffic tickets within about an 18 month period of time. He obviously has no regard for the law or academic rules. He is so much better than US!!!

You lost me at "evidence of his academic cheating and recruiting violations surfaced" ... this article is pure Clowntown, based 100% on allegations and 0% on facts.

I give you a "D" for content, "A+" for self-righteousness, and "C" for effort. Go ahead and hit the showers, take a little time off, and come back swinging next week, champ.

I guess this is why you're writing a blog instead of actual news.

Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

Obviously not.

Cam Newton's Father Cecil Newton "never asked for the money" according to Bill Bell "but was part of a 3-way conversation in which Rogers did" Kenny Rogers requested the money from Bill Bell on Cecil Newton's behalf via phone and text messages from Kenny Rogers to Bill Bell. Cecil Newton never asked for the money in person so how do we know the other person on this 3-way call was Cecil Newton? BTW the text messages Kenny Rogers sent to Bill Bell are on a phone 'damaged by water' convenient is that?

People who write articles like you make me sick. I bet you haven't even looked into the wonderful things Cam has done in this Auburn community. You are a disgrace to journalism.

Its always refreshing when someone that bloggs for a living gives their "story" with no facts just to stir up more garbage! Great job Mrs. Thayer Evans. Its obvious you have a bright future ahead of you. Maybe you should consider discussing childrens books for living instead of situations like this. Let the big boys handle this one. Night Night!

I'm obviously biased toward Auburn University's interests. But I'm also pragmatic.

The academic cheating claim has been refuted by several sources as much or more reliable as the one making the claim. Including the athletic administration at Blinn who have gone on record saying there is a policy at Blinn prohibiting a player from participating on their athletic teams if such charges were pending at their former school.

I do believe something happened with his recruitment at MSU. I also understand that it is perfectly logical to make the assumption that the same thing would have happened at Auburn. But right now all we have are the allegations at MSU. No allegations for Auburn. I've made my peace with the possibility that Auburn did something improper. But I'm not ready to condemn a young man based on inuendo and speculation.

I am a devout Christian and I believe in grace. Whatever is proven to have happened, we should all accept the just punishment and follow it with a grace filled heart. But until then, we all need to refresh ourselves on Matthew 7:1-3

May peace be with you all.

Yes Cam will be inelligable, but, as they said on the PACK, go back to ironing! edited to say, I had someone write this for me.

Wow. The aubie are in denial.

The FBI was involved on an operation to take down a dirty aubie booster. He was wire tapped. The indictment against him asserts money laundering, misuse of TARP funds, defrauding the FDIC, vote buying and more. This guy is a big donor to auburn. When tapping his phone, the FBI learned of the Cam situation, because this dude controls ALL the strings in the state, and the cow college called auburn. This investigation will take time. Even the school pres, compliance officer and the AD wanted Cam to sit against GA. They were overruled. This investigation will take time. Cam will continue to play. He and auburn are a stain on college athletics.

out of the mouth of fools come harsh and tainted word .You are a complete fool.go to the bible "judge not that you be judged" go to Mans Law "a man is innocent until proven guilty" First comment I have ever written on anyone site, but you must have bee raised and educated by fools because you are one

People please... I've been an SEC fan my entire life so I wouldn't want to believe that Auburn is using corrupt means to get star players either. It would be a shame to our conference and a serious waste of a great season for SEC football. But please wake up. How many new allegations have to come out before you see that maybe ALL of them aren't true but surely the FBI wouldn't be involved unless there were some serious laundering issues. Do you honestly think that the FBI cares that much about one single incident of pfp in college football?? Cam is just the tip of the iceberg.

This author doesn't even stick to her own "hook". Pollyanna was a positive force that saw the good in everyone despite their shortcomings. Yet she fails to see any good in Cam Newton what-so-ever. She never learned anything from her favorite movie.


Wow...The thing on is being passed around like it was an FBI report obtained through the freedom of information act. That thing may as well have been written by the whitehouse alien and delivered by a black helicopter.


You're buying into the same insanity just on the other side. ALL of that is messageboard hyperbole. Right now there MAY be a connection to the bribes for votes scandal in Alabama but there isn't anything as concrete as what you're posting. No reputable news source is saying the NCAA and Auburn officials wanted Cam to sit. In fact they're saying just the opposite.

Auburn and MSU both are likely in deep poop. But let's let the facts come out before we buy into some crazed ego fueled messageboard gossip.

It's times like this that I'm ashamed to be a human being.

I agree that the cheating and traffic tickets and laptop incident are all enough to show the real character of Cam Newton. I love how his supporters all say that the cheating alligations were refuted. This is not true at all. What Florida school officials said was that they can't confirm (or by that matter deny) anything about a students acedemic record. One person who could deny it would be Cam, but he won't. I know that if I had been falsy accused of cheating, you could not keep me slient in my own defense. Or his Dad, he could deny that his son cheated, but he won't. What father would let his innocent son take this heat with out defending him? Probaly one that would sell his services for $180,000


This is the specific article to which I was referring:

"Before Newton could enroll at Blinn, however, Franchione and school officials conducted their own inquiry into the situation at Florida.

"We have a (National Junior College Athletic Association) policy that you can't take a student-athlete that is not eligible to go back to the institution he was at," Rehr said. "So, upon him leaving Florida, he was still in good standing as a student, and he was still in good standing with the (football) program.

"We were assured by people in the admissions office and the coaching staff at Florida that he was in good standing."

And the link:

I can site other articles if you want.

I don't believe Newton is a saint by any means. He obviously had many issues at Florida. I am also not one. I am who I am by the grace of others. Hopefully he will reach his potential as a person at some point, and it will only be through grace that it is achieved.

I'm afriad this issue is so polarizing that most people have already made up their minds and cannot be swayed in either direction. I only hope we can all open our hearts to the truth, whatever that may end up being.

Peace be with you.

It funny how the Barns whine when they are up and whine when they are down. Enjoy it while you can.

Feel better about yourself now, Tub?

Need a hug too?

@PK "For the record, there is only one direct source of the allegation that Cam's father asked for money during his recruitment"

You are correct. The source of the allegation is CECIL NEWTON admitting that he asked MSU for money without CAMS knowledge. How convenient, huh?

People are nuts,
I never noted that it was fact. I simply stated that all of the allegations can't be false. If you are ashamed to be a human being because of people posting their opinions on a web site then I think you're letting this get too personal.

AU Alumnus,
Florida did not ask or insist that he leave. He chose to do that on his own so yes he was still in good standing. But that doesn't mean that he didn't cheat. They didn't ask him to leave after the laptop incident either. I agree with you that we should all be open to the truth. I'm hoping we find out what that is soon so we can focus on the good things in college football.


No, that means we have no proof he cheated. :) Only allegations. We simply don't know. Yet so many have rushed to judge him. Is it his other problems? So one transgression makes us guilty of all accusations - founded or not?. We all sin, so I sincerely hope not. We need to look in our own hearts to see what makes us so willing to condemn.

I am a former college teacher and administrator. If he had been up for a student judiciary hearing and facing expulsion like what has been reported, he would have not been in good academic standing. If you believe the AD at Blinn he was.

I'm glad you're willing to open your heart to truth. I have faith it will be revealed to you.

Peace be with you.

Oh come on People. No one that who has posted their opinion on here knows for certain what went or is going on now. All WE know is what we have read. Which as, all who knows, is not proven. We all form opinions. Our opinions mean absolutely nothing to anyone but our own self. Post Alle the links to articles you like, form your opinion and like mine means nothing. One thing is for sure. No one on here knows Cam personally. So how can anyone say he is a good person or bad. How can Auburn's coaches speak on his character other than his winning ways on the field. They do not know of his ways prior to his winning ways at Auburn. Voice your Opinion. It still means nothing like mine.

Dear Juanita. You have no clue. First, the University of Florida denied that Newton had any academic issues at Florida and was in good standing when he left. Regardless, his academic record is federally protected by FERPA. If any true academic info was leaked thats a federal crime. Regardless, its not Germain to his academic standard at another institution, Auburn.

You really do need to do your homework before contributing to the misinformation in this case. You've done no more than read the same dribble on line as everybody else which emanantes from the same 2-3 sources.

Maybe you can learn a thing or two from Cam Newton. If you can't write, and you know it then maybe purchasing a paper is a good idea. You most likely would have been better turning in a fellow colleague's article because this is absolute garbage.

I appreciate your disclaimer, but would not liar, cheater, coward and loser be just a little insulting and disparaging to this young man. I'm sure you have never met him or his family and I'm sure he has never been insulting to you in anyway, so why the vitriol?

I had the opportunity to witness this young man this past weekend in Montgomery at the Renaissance, the football team was there as well as a state conference and I must say I was impressed with his overall demeanor, he did not act as one that had done anything wrong. He was kind and gracious to those around him, always smiling and frankly looked to be a man comfortable with who he is and maybe an individual looking for and maybe finding Grace.

Personally I find it disturbing that we are so quick to crucify a young man over past discretions and yet ignore our own. Don't put him on a pedestal, allow him to be human and learn to forgive.

I feel there is guilt here, but from what I have seen of this young man, I don't honestly believe it will turn out to be his.

Pay these athletes part of this multi-billion dollar business,and jail agents and backers that tamper with their futures and maybe some of this garbage will stop!

Like him or not, he is the best player in college ball today, as was Teebow before him. My prayer is the example of Tim Teebow has rubbed off on Cam!

If this is an attempt to destroy this young, it is my hope that those individuals are dealt with in a very harsh legal manner!

Look out black helicopter fans...

Apparently there's no link to the FBI investigation into gambling in Alabama and Cam Newton.

Did the whitehouse alien destroy the tapes? Inquiring minds want to know...

More "Sources: ".

Sorry but I don't believe anything said by an unnamed "Source:". Which is why I also don't believe any of the junk written above because none of it has been verified by a credible source. This is a terrible piece of journalism based solely on speculation. The only thing I will believe is a statement or ruling by the NCAA.

I hope that Auburn hasn't done anything wrong but knowing the crooks that run the place (The Bobby Lowder Gang) I would not be surprised if something illegal has taken place. It would be unfortunate and heart breaking for AU if something illegal has happened but maybe they could finally break free from Lowder and his goons.

Uh oh, does it make any sense to bash others for having "sources" when the link you've posted is also an allegation from a "source"?

I think the point she's trying to make here is that universities don't uphold moral standards the way that they used to. Most are more concerned with a win than a player's character. College football is supposed to be a way for the school to: make money and bring attention to their program and a way for the student athlete to get an education at no cost in return for their contribution to the school, to become more seasoned as a player, and if desired it can be an avenue to showcase talent if the athlete desires to make a career of the sport. And they are being paid. I assure you most students would be grateful for the opportunity to have cost free higher education. If they want to be paid anything more than that they should go straight to the NFL... Oh wait they can't because they don't have enough experience or skill without playing college ball.

What? Yeah it does. When one "source" quoted is a post on a LSU or Bama message board and the other "source" is quoted by the Birmingham News.

If we've gotten to the point that a story in a legitimate media outlet can't debunk a outrageous rumor spreading on messageboards, our society is pretty much doomed to the fate of the Rome. We've already fallen from within.

This article is unbelievable. You are full of hate and unforgiveness. first of all, nothing has been proven on Cam Newton. Whether some of it is true or not, how about the benefit of the doubt until there is ONE single fact.

And CRYSTEL!!!! Wake up! He did not steal a laptop. Everything was destroyed in his dorm due to his roommates little girl pulling on some clothes hanging from the sprinkler. He had to replace everything and bought a laptop dirt cheap (admitting it was stupid) and it ended up being stolen. HE DID NOT STEAL IT. Anyone following this at all knows that. Crystel, everytime you post, you show your ignorance. how about going back to something you know a little about. Cam is a good kid. Maybe not perfect, but few kids are. I probably did far worse than him as a kid his age and there is now way that I could take the pressure that people like you are piling on him with no proof at all and still carry an entire team on my back. Back off a little...step off the ledge. He is a kid caught up in a huge corporate world.

All you Auburn defenders be sure and come back after the NCAA takes away your MNC and Cam's Heisman is taken away, and your big Money Donors all go to jail. I'll be expecting a bunch of apologies on this thread.

Think about Commissioner Slive’s current dilemma: The only SEC team that stands a chance to give him his fifth consecutive national title could possibly receive an official letter of inquiry from the NCAA before they get on the bus to leave for Atlanta and the SEC championship game.

There is an old saying that states: “As long as you haven’t done anything, you don’t have anything to hide or worry about." Slive knows that somebody is hiding something and he’s worried. His public statements clearly indicate that.

Woman, you have just unleashed all hell on yourself.

Yes....he is a horrible person. He should be put in jail.

Wow, citing a source that's already been discredited. Smart move Juanita. Nice to see that Thayer Evans isn't cornering the market on BS.

"Sports Doctor" Juanita,
Please stick to your farm chores and leave informed, credible journalism to real sports experts. Why do you harbor such prejudice and hate toward an individual whom you have never and will never have the opportunity to meet? Based upon your decision to submit this trash, YOU are, in fact, "a liar, a cheater, a coward, and a loser." Don't worry, I'm sure that your precious Charlotte County cattle won't judge you with the same discriminatory hatred that you have shown to the next Heisman winner. Enjoy your ACC.

Your rag is obviously hurting for a worthy journalist who is unprejudiced. This Southside resident is a very, very poor substitute. Lose this loser and try again. If you think that making up facts is not a chronic problem for Juanita, then please read responses to her other stupidity in print:

Maybe you should hang out on the farm with seem to have a lot in common (blind faith in conspiracy theories, rumor-mongering, hate, venom-spewing). If you actually read the tigerdroppings weblink that you posted then you would realize that it is completely insane BS.

RAB88 & Tub,
I got a little somethin here for y'all. Can you see it? I sure hope you can. AU and Cam won't be ceding any titles or awards. Do kiss our grits.

Juanita is hate-filled and ignorant.

Dtiger - I find it humorous that you’re attempting to insult my intelligence with a story that has absolutely no factual basis.
The facts are all here, six pages of them:
Maybe you should “go back to something you know a little about” because you are obviously lacking the knowledge and common sense needed to research information before you attempt to share it as truth.

SportsDoctorIgnoramus - First of all I do not have “blind faith” in anything, certainly not in the writings on a web page. I merely listed the tigerdroppings link to show some of you who are “blinded by your own denial” that some of the allegations MAY be true. I never stated that they were fact… you presumed it. Maybe you should look up the definition of conspiracy theory. I’ll save you the trouble:

a theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization; a belief that a particular unexplained event was caused by such a group.
the idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.

I’m pretty sure ESPN, the NCAA, the FBI and everyone else in America who has shown interest in this investigation aren’t trying to “conspire” against anyone.

By the way I haven’t shown “hate” toward anyone. I hope for Cam’s sake and the sake of the other football players at AU that this doesn’t affect them if it is in fact true. I don’t think I need to note the definition of hate. You did a good job giving examples of it in your last post.

As for your attempt to insult those who live on farms (which I in fact do not) here are a few bits of information from It seems that Auburn University IS a farm:
Lara J. Aldrich, 844-3698

AUBURN -- "NEWS FLASH! Auburn really is a 'Cow College'." And a darn good one, at that.
"The teaching herd produces less milk than the average commercial cow, but we get so much more out of the program than milk," said Jacobsen.
Riddell said the program makes "more than enough money to break even, not counting the teaching value of the herd."

The Mid-American Dairymen is a nationwide milk co-op, but the majority of the milk stays in Alabama, Riddell said. So, that quart of milk you pick up at the grocery store today may have originated in the dairy at the "cow college" of Auburn University.
# # #
CONTACT: Riddell, 844-4490.

painting for
One veteran Hereford breeder learned the hard way just how dangerous a pet bull can be. While he was out checking cattle one day, he found he needed to read the tattoo of the herd bull. It was a bull he had raised himself, and it had even been a family pet as a calf.

In. Yo. Ugly. FACE!