MOVIE REVIEW- Villainous fun: <i>Megamind</i> is clever family fare


Megamind was the third 3D movie I'd seen in a row, and as I struggled to free my glasses from their industrial-strength plastic envelope, I wasn't precisely looking forward to it. Why do 3D glasses and DVDs come so securely wrapped they seem like acts of hostility against the consumer? Once I freed my glasses and settled down, however, I was pleased to see a 3D image that was quite acceptable. Too dim, as always, but the process was well-used and proves again that animation is incomparably more suited for 3D than live action is. 

I'd just been rewatching Superman (1978), and felt right at home with the opening, narrated by a bright blue alien over flashbacks to his infancy. Born on a distant planet, he's packed into a rocket ship and blasted off to Earth, just like the Man of Steel. En route he meets his lifetime nemesis, a golden child who also lands on Earth and lands in the lap of wealth. The blue child, alas, lands in a prison and is raised by hardened convicts. ... [full review]