QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What did do for the Virginia Film Festival?


Jason King: "I loved it. My favorite: Beauty and the Beast. I have a four-year-old daughter, and she loved it."


Preston Luce: "I set up a stage for the Film Festival. I did not see any movies, but I wish I could have."



Janis Chevalier:"I thought the Film Festival was great. I wish we could have gone to more, but I loved the movie Fair Game about Valerie Plame."


what a bunch of fluff. the new world order's plotting to exterminate us all and you're watching beauty and the beast

Might need to edit that question. Missing something.

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I done did watch me some movies

Went to The Haven fundraiser Friday evening and watched Tam Shadyac's new film "I AM". Followed up with discussion with the director.
Synopsis: We are all connected, our base motivation is not competition but rather consensus and collaboration, consumerism is tantamount to mental illness, there is a way to social health through personal responsibility and, frankly, loving our neighbor. Great night!

I didn't get to go to the event I wanted to because someone STOLE THE TICKET OUT IF MY DESK DRAWER.