MOVIE REVIEW- Work perk: <i>Morning Glory </i>is light comedy done right


Morning Glory is a funny entertainment to begin with, and then Rachel McAdams transforms it. And Harrison Ford transforms himself. She plays as lovable a lead as anyone since Amy Adams in Junebug, and he bestirs himself from his frequent morosity and creates with gusto a TV newsman who is described as a great man, but the third worst person of all time. Diane Keaton is pitch-perfect as a morning TV host who can, and must, smile through everything.

Comedies open every week. This is the kind I like best. It grows from human nature, and is about how people do their jobs and live their lives. It is wisely not about a May-October romance between McAdams and Ford. It's more about their love for their work. It isn't deep, and it doesn't approach Broadcast News in its examination of the TV producer mentality, but it's the kind of sitcom you can get happily carried along with.... [full review]