BLACK&WHITE- Trickle down

I am keeping a list of our home-grown Cassandras, that valiant bunch with a knack for prophecy, citizens looking a few months ahead.

With one exception, local media have shown little interest in this acronym laced, Chesapeake Bay "environmental" story. TMDLs, WIPs. Ho-Hum. Complicated. Who cares?

The information is beginning infiltrate into politicians' craniums via multiple public meetings where the Cassandras stand up and sing. Government staff get the import of pending events, but until voters shriek and wail, no action will be seen from elected leaders.

For citizens wishing to weigh in, write a letter to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Ask the DCR to craft a Watershed Implementation Plan that gets it done. The WIP must provide the EPA with details, legislative proposals, reasonable assurance. The public comment period for the draft Virginia Watershed Implementation Plan closes November 11. Comments can be emailed to (Photo taken in the Rappahannock River)


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