Mohd Ayoub Mirza to Richard W. Leukroth, Jr. 522 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $280,000.

Spencer C. Payne, trustee, to Nicole Schroeer, 574 Shady Lane, Peacock Hill, $450,000.

Commonwealth Asset Services LLC, trustee, to Branch Banking and Trust Company, condominium unit, $128,800.

Bettie Fitch to Eagle Hill Investment LLC, 4.0 acres at 2993 Free Union Road, $288,600.

Ramon Rayas Cervantes to Daniel G. McFadyen, 511 Woodmont Drive, Rio Heights subdivision, $236,700.

Nancy E. Sykes to Christopher A. Yung, 1765 Monet Hill, Montgomery Ridge, $550,000.

James R. Davis to Kathleen M. Quinn, condominium unit in Turtle Creek, $146,500.

R. Stephen Phipps to Marisa M. Vrooman, 605 Page Street, Scottsville, $245,000.

Paul R. O'Dea to Daniel C. Bird Jr., 24.62 acres on State Route 250, $2,630,000.

Baxley T. Tankard to Thomas Pinckney II, parcel in Ednam, $625,000.

Susan A. Roseberry Heartwell, trustee, to James H. Donahue, trustee, 2407 Smithfield Road, $329,600.


Hartman Family Corp to Red Eagle LLC, six parcels on Lyman Hills Drive, Lyman Hills, $3,075,300.

James H. Ewel to Torey M. Todd, 8.21 acres at 2769 Liberty Hall Lane, $152,700.

A.G. Williams Construction Co. to Donald B. Rodgers, 2.3136 acres on State Route 640, $120,000.

Robert J. Bradley, trustee, to Michael C. Murphy, 303 Gloucester Road, Carrsbrook, $375,800.

Howard D. Shafer to Chad Wood, 6505 Hillsboro Lane, Hillsboro, Crozet, $230,000.

Fannie Mae to Terry M. Elzinga, 246 Rockwood Drive, Inglewood Square condominiums, $125,400.


Fannie Mae to Chris Hoffman, 1946 Tudor Court, Avon Park, $231,700.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. To NVR Inc., parcel in Liberty Hall, $93,000.

John Haines Marston II to Loren A. Driscoll, 6.176 acres at 4899 Parsons Green Lane, $601,200.


Nelson R. Morris to United Bank, 12.102 acres fronting on Markwood Road, $134,000.

Eunice J. Powell to Fannie M. Louden, parcel in Porter's Precinct, 7179 Porters Road, Esmont, $5,836.

Elaina Pacetta McNew to E. Alice Clements, condominium unit in Solomon Court, 2527 Hydraulic Road, $122,500.

John A. Haydock to Jeffrey C. and Anne Adair Smith, 656 Spring Forest Lane, Indian Springs subdivision, Earlysville, $846,400.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Gregory S. Gelburd, 0.5 acres at 2612 Hydraulic Road, $144,200.

Harvey J. Wilcox to James W. Faulconer III, 2.2 acres on State Route 676, 892 Old Turner Mountain Road, $285,000.


William M. Brown to Todd A. Marks, 42 Mill Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $340,000.

Fay F. Baber to Commonwealth of Virginia, parcel, $44,750.

Crozet Development Solutions LLC to Commonwealth of Virginia, parcel, $28,755.

Florence B. Bruce to Peter C. Brunjes, 4.64 acres at 220 Rocky Run, $220,000.

Lisa Benshoff, trustee, to Howell L. Bowen, condominium unit in University Village, 500 Crestwood Drive, $335,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, to Ted Properties LLC, parcel in Parkside Village, $169,400.

Melinda A. Burke to Sandra K. Rodriguez, 1922 Tudor Court, Avon Park, $225,900.


Steven E. Bunch to Stein Kretsinger, 8.87 acres at 406 Key West Drive, $175,000.

Susan L. Porter to Caroline L. Dekay, condominium unit in Inglewood condominiums, $94,750.

William Ray Smith to Edward Kyle and Elizabeth W. McNew, 215 Walnut Lane, Ashcroft, $387,000.


Mary H. Trexler to James H. Miller III, 102 Lancaster Court, Canterbury Hills, $325,000.

Two Dog LLC to Robert E. Johnson III, 2604 Huntington Road, Northfields, $364,000.

Bank of America National Association to TPM II LLC, condominium unit in Glenwood Station, $142,287.

Big Deal


Hartman Family Corp to Red Eagle LLC, six parcels on Lyman Hills Drive, Lyman Hills, $3,075,300.