QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your favorite drug?


Kyle Rodland: "I want a new drug."


Alan Lerner: "My favorite drug of choice is Motrin. I use it all the time for small aches and pains on the joints."



Sarah Heldreth:"Nyquil. It puts me to sleep."



Morphine is DA BOMB.

Humboldt County Kush!
Moving there after prop 19 election!

Any migraine tab. 4 at a time.

hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday

At this point, anything that stops anal leakage.

The weed today is much too strong, stay away from it.

Tommy's weed!

Hey @Anon: After the election the feds are gonna make everything: All worry, No happy...

Black Tar Heroin. Keeps the pounds off.

Your habit is causing murder at the mexican border.
I know this is a "Downer Man" but maybe 5 more bong hits will take care of your guilt.

Hey Tommy, No one smokes Mexican anymore, Nelson Count is the way to go dude. And as far as I know their have not been any drug murders at the Albemarle County Line. Just sayin...