QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What do you think of the UVA Lawn?


Robert Michie: "It's a tradition in Charlottesville. It's very beautiful. The historic value is tremendous. "


Richard Clay: "It's very community oriented, picturesque. It's a very friendly place where you can find solitude and serenity. It's very culturally enriched, which is a plus for Charlottesville."



Quin Hughes:"It's a place where students often go to do bad things late at night."


It's a nice lawn. Wish mine looked so good. Wait, part of that is mine!

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I am sorry Quin but you would have been better off saying no comment rather than saying something that isn't true. Am I saying nothing naughty happen there from time to time. No I am not . But often and bad are very poor choice of words.

Every time I stand on the lawn, I wish I had attended UVA.

Best place in town to teach a kid to ride a bike. Lots of cushy grass to fall down on, and plenty of sympathetic college kids to cheer junior on or help him/her get back up.