QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What do you think of Lady Gaga?


Rosemarie Hanley:"My daughter says, 'She is who she is, she's never pretending to be anything else.' She's like the Madonna of my generation."


Chauncey Brown: "I think Lady Gaga is inspiring to some young kids and students. I think it's kind of neat to have someone to look up to in their own way."


Tamara Wright: "Ewwww."



Lady UghUgh.

Just another tramp in the woods.

She's no lady

Why is she even a topic of discussion? Madonna 2.1

@ the Hook people: The third person down said "ugggh..." not "ewwwww." Ugh is more of a head shaking groan, whereas ewww is what little kids say when like, somebody picks their nose and has a booger on their finger.

Although I supposed Gaga could be likened to that, I don't know.....