LETTER- Trunk uses Brazen manipulation

I admit that The Brazen Careerist is not my favorite column as most of the essays are a series of suggestions on how to manipulate the real experiences, knowledge, and humanity of a person into a product that can be sold to the highest bidder, but I found the July 8 column, "Career Lore," particularly disturbing due to what I perceived as the author's disregard for human suffering in favor of furthering her own career.

She told potential employers that she was near the World Trade Center when it collapsed in order to gain their attention and respect, even though that fact was non-essential to explaining her credentials as a writer. I hope I'm incorrect in viewing her anecdote as demonstrating blatant disregard for 3,000-plus lives and a willingness to capitalize on tragedy to further her career, but unfortunately Ms. Trunk has made it seem that she is quite willing to manipulate herself and others in order to climb the corporate ladder.

Tips for navigating the workplace are great, but when they come at the expense of human dignity, I hope that people take it upon themselves to maintain a sense of respect for their fellow man as well as themselves.

Michael Khavari