MOVIE REVIEW- Sissy's latest: <i>Get Low </i>reunites Spacek, Duvall


We're asked to take Felix Bush on faith, and since he's played in Get Low by Robert Duvall, we must. Duvall is authentic right down to the bone, and lends his credibility to almost every character he plays. Felix requires a lot of credibility. He's a backwoods hermit with the kind of beard that suggests he took a box of Smith Brothers Cough Drops into the barber and said, "Give me one of those." He lives with a mule, a shotgun and his secrets.

The film opens with a murky scene of a farmhouse on fire and a man running away through the night. Who could this man be? Given the Law of Economy of Characters, it must be Felix, and therefore, at the end, the movie must account for this scene. Since Felix is an ornery rascal, it follows as the night the day that by the end he will be downright amenable to folks. We don't require him to shave off his beard, but he obliges... [full review]