New Vision Homes Inc. to Thomas H. Kelly, 600 Frays Branch Road, Advance Mils Farm s/d, Earlysville, $1,460,000.

Recontrust Company, trustee, to BAC Home Loan Servicing LP, 5536 Brookwood Road, Brookwood, $208,147.

Kenneth R. and Barbara E. McAlpine to James M. and Jennifer P. Collins, 39.457 acres, $230,000.

Benjamin B. Peeler, trustee, to Shane and Kate Galie, 0.376 acres at 1782 Shelbourn Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $530,000.


Dunlora LLC to Reserve at Belvedere LLC, 16.144 acres at Dunlora, $4,620,000.

John H. King to Jedd R. Ferris, 475 David Road, Marshall Manor, $337,800.


Jonathan Cheng to Henry C. Damgaard, 1321 Mosby's Reach, Dunlora, $450,100.

Martha A. Carter to Robert M. Flanagan, 0.524 acres at 6078 Railroad Avenue, Crozet, $132,250.

Carlo Colombini to Mark Marshall, 2.013 acres at 2475 Redbud Lane, $190,600.

Ronald S. Lindemann to Ronald S. Lindemann, 675 Ridgemont Road, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $88,466.

Ronald J. Jensen to Owen Nolasco, 218 Millstream Drive, Bargamin Park, Crozet, $258,200.

Lillie G. Brown to Michele Jordan, trustee, 1.88 acres on State Route 6, $110,600.


Robert M. Hauser, trustee, to Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC, parcel in Belvedere, $140,000.

Stephen E. Scarce, trustee, to Winn Homes LLC, lot in Ballard Field, Old Trail, $140,000.

IMB Reo LLC to Gordon T. Gibson, 2852 Morgantown Road, $497,100.

Stephen E. Scarce, trustee, to Bank of Hampton Roads, parcel in Stillhouse subdivision, $196,000.

Cecil G. Moore, trustee, to Virginia Housing Development Authority, parcel in Gardencourt Townhouses, $180,000.

Richard Blayney to Terrence E. Anderson, 3341 Braemar Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $525,700.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Old Trail B 4 LLC, three lots in Ballard Field, Old Trail, $268,800.

Vincent Satterly to Robert W. Pippin, 1.0 acre on State Route 6, 4854 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $133,000.


Wallace M. Forloines, trustee, to Joanie L. Chapman, 21 acres in Mountain Vista subdivision, $199,000.

Barry Nelson Yancey to William Kevin Yancey, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, $106,300.


Pamela A. Buckland to Julie N. DeCarvalho, 573 Southampton Drive, Stonehenge, $172,300.

Cosby M. Davis III to Michael J. and Siobhan S. Smith, 0.369 acres at 2456 Pendower Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $675,000.


Thomas Randolph Steger Family Trust to Greif Packaging LLC, 143 acres in Scottsville, $220,000.

Evelyn Mawacke to Greif Packaging LLC, 47.658 acres in Scottsville, $26,315.


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Corinne Kennedy Welch, 4838 Highlands Place, Highlands Place, $424,700.

Marblehead LLC to Parkside I LLC, four units in Glenwood subdivision, $1,141,750.

Nathan E. Houser to Patricia A. McFarland, 7.982 acres at 8230 Dick Woods Road, Afton, $128,500.

Eric W. Anderson to Timothy Jordan or Leah Foradori, 13.164 acres at 652 Box Holly Lane, $325,000.

Edge Valley Preservation LLC to William A. Stuart III, 26.433 acres at Bundoran Farm, North Garden, $724,300.

Old Trail Homes LLC to Arcadia Builders Inc., lot in Upper Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $212,800.



New Vision Homes Inc. to Thomas H. Kelly, 600 Frays Branch Road, Advance Mils Farm subdivision, Earlysville, $1,460,000.