QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What should UVA's new president do?


Fred Eheart:"Mainly, just the sports. I'm a sports freak, and I think we need a winning team for a change."


Beverly Ball: "Bridging the gap between the university and the community of Charlottesville. "


Lori Stahl: "Affordable housing for students is something that needs to be addressed."




Stop ruining the campus with new construction. Start using all those $$$ to lower tuition costs.
Here's a novel idea, offer a-la-carte education. Students can opt out of supporting the athletic programs. Students can pay for just what they want and nothing more.
Be the first major university to stay within NCAA rules by creating student athlete career paths, there are many athletic related careers other than professional athlete, but of course becomming a professional athlete would be the highest paying. Use the money earned by the athletic programs to improve the academic programs.

UVA and all other traditional colleges and universities better wake up, young adults need money saving options these days. The days of going to college to party are over my friends.....

Well spoken Tony

So students can opt out of supporting athletics, but you want to create a athletic program to support academic's? Is that for the students that support the teams, or is that all students? I think all colleges need to start job training, instead of passing out degree's and people having to create managment positions for these college grads that have no true skill or value. If you don't produce something...then you can sell anything. SO the best thing the Pres can do is cut middle managment and pay the workers. Education is a beautiful thing, but if you don't have a degree that is in the field your working in, and you make more than the people who produce money to pay their salary, and middle managment's.

Here's another novel idea,
force those High paid, tenured, PHD toting professors to actually show up and teach instead of appointing some flunkie grad student to do all the work.

I think what ol bullet tooth may be trying to say is use athletics as a money making business for the university.

@ken jamme

Graduate students teach very few courses of their own at UVa. They teach some language classes, some discussion sections, and a few advanced majors' seminars. The vast majority of credit hours is taught by professors. (And not all are "high paid.")

Thank you for that JM