QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Have you ever been bullied?


Caroline Spence:"In elementary school one time, a girl made me promise to bring her a snack every day or else she would tell the teacher I cheated on my homework. Blackmail, in second grade."


Klyde Joy: "Yes, in middle school I was bullied a lot. People didn't accept me for who I was because of my sexual orientation. "


Henry Folley: "Oh, yes, I worked on jobs where I've been bullied, where the boss will pick on me, but the rest of the employees he'll look over– favoritism and stuff like that. I've been there."



No, I did da bullying

N0- I wasn't worth it.

In the workplace, yes. But I bullied back to the best of my ability.

The only flaw in this concept was the fact I didn't have the power to fire the person who was bulling me. He on the other hand did have that power... and he exercised it wrongfully. Oh well, that's life! I am a firm bliever he will answer to higher authorities someday. Maybe not on this earth, but someday none the less. :)

Water fluoridation is the cruelest form of bullying

this is the longest i've ever been banned!