QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your favorite historical site or museum?


Monty Pagenhardt:"We've taken our daughters to the Smithsonian for years in D.C. We always go back. No particular museum; just the whole thing. It's very well run, and we enjoy it a lot."


Kristina Weaver: "I'm really excited about the plans to build an African American history museum at the Smithsonian. It's really long overdue, and I've been hearing about some of the artifacts they're going to have there. It's really exciting. "


Paul Woodson: "Monticello."



I am a rabid aviation history fanatic. The birth of the jet age, the mercury, gemini, apollo, X-1 through X-15 are my favorites.

My favorite historical site would be the cross shaped cutout in the ramp at Edwards Air Force Base that the X-1 was lowered into to facilitate loading it onto its launch plane.

The Viet Nam War Foundation Museum in Ruckerville. Close, simple, moving and the real deal.