LETTER- Doors rocked; review stank

Regarding your review of the Doors [June 8: "Mili-mouthing: Local man fronts Doors legends Manzarek-Krieger"], what happened was my jaw dropped and my first thought was who wrote this–- a deaf blind person, or someone who completely has no artistic notion or ability to critique a true artist. I went with 15 people to both Connecticut shows. At both concerts, I took a moment to look into the audience and saw nothing but pure adrenaline, joy, and astonishment at how awesome Mili was as the front man of this band.

He transformed himself, transcending the Doors into 2010. The people were on their feet dancing and singing.

I for one had some trepidation about mili from Steelheart taking on the Doors, but after seeing and hearing him, I became the biggest fan. His performance rocked, as with the members of the Doors. He is a true artist.

Denise Daniels
Southport, Connecticut