QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your favorite local recreational activity?


Christopher McMichael:"Going to the gym, maybe going for a run down Market Street, then run around Riverview Park. That's pretty fun."


Hannah Hamilton: "I really like the Ice Park, and I was really sad when it was closing 'cause me and my friends like to go there and skate even though I wasn't very good at it. Now [that it's re-opening], I'm really, really happy. I was like, Yay!"


Brad Johnson: "Definitely Carter Mountain Orchard for a family outing."



Holding up traffic with my bicycle on earlysville road

eville, you may or may not be serious. But it would not surprise me if this mindset is pretty popular among those riding bicycles in this area.

Have I been unbanned yet?

deleted by moderator.

uva students

Outrunning the po po on my two wheeler.

What is wrong with "beaver eating"? I thought they were in season right now?

Reading the Hook comments and watching everyone disagree with Sean and Gasbag! Entertainment Extraordinaire! Yeah, I live a boring life.....

I agree, reading the Hook comments - better than reality TV; in fact, I'd love to watch a TV show called: the lives of Gasbag and Sean, maybe the Hook could run live videos, now that would be fun !

God Hannah, you are sweet!!!