LETTER- Not saying 'bully' to bully cover

Who is the person leaping out of the monitor on the cover of the June 3 issue? ["Cyberbullied: Fluco parent angered by school, police response"] The angry parent? No, she's pictured inside and sports neither blond hair nor a red lace bustier. The bullyer? No, that person remains unidentified due to her juvenile status. A Hook staff member photographed to provide sensationalism and sex appeal? Whoever it is, i have to turn the magazine over to avoid looking at this image.

Come to think of it, the other weekly newspaper has an even more repulsive cover that week. And I noticed that week's letters contain a comment about the bad taste of the previous week's Hook cover too. Perhaps the back cover advertisers are paying you extra to create bad front covers these day?

Just wondering.

Zoe Edgecomb


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Get a grip............it got your attention didn't it?

Submit your cover ideas to The Hook- perhaps you can be their creative editor.