QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Have you ever had an encounter with police?


Yang Chen:"Yes, I think the police are really helpful. We had problems with a snake. When we called them, they came right away and helped us with some powder to drive the snake away. Also, we had a car accident. We called them, they came right away and even gave me a ride home."


Tiffany Waggoner: "The Mall cops around here on the Downtown Mall always bug us for trespassing in the doorways of the closed buildings and tell us not to loiter, which is completely retarded in my opinion."


Salah Mohamed: "No, ma'am, I never met police, and I'm not looking forward to it in my lifetime, so I will behave and stay out of trouble."



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Yes, it was just a one night stand though.

Tiffany, I think they meant a real cop