James L. and Linda B. Krag to Jonathan and Emily McKeon, 0.630 acre on State Route 6, 6678 Plank Road, $162,000.

Donald G. Heyne, trustee, to James F. and Betty Jane Adams, 8 Ednam Village, $540,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., two lots in Glenmore, $345,000.

John P. and Donna M. Franko to Paul D. Barton and Elaine C. Corales, 0.311 acres at 5360 Windy Ridge Road, Cory Farm, $399,900.

Weather Hill Development LLC to Church Hill Development Co., nine lots, $2,168,000.


James E. May, trustee, to Anthony J. Gadient and Amy L. Coffman, 1.560 acres at 529 Rookwood Place, Ednam Forest, $800,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Boyd R. and Sharon O. Marquardt, 0.713 acres at 1470 Cedarwood Court, Redfields, $475,000.

Anne C. D. Montague to Evan and Sandra F. Stern, parcel in Ednam, $570,000.

Jackie Brown Payne, trustee, to James W. and Gladys M. Morris, 0.5 acres at 2312 Proffit Road, $8,000.

Larry D. and Patricia R. Lindberg to George and Susan Varghese, 0.103 acres at 1518 Westfield Court, Wynridge, $241,500.

John H. and Donna B. Darden to Jason M. Fisher and Caryn R. Gibson, 344 Key West Drive, Key West, $430,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Mary T. Goodhall, condominium unit at the Villas at Southern Ridge, 1313 Villa Way Court, $175,000.


Nellie F. Gochenour to Micah D. Herron, 5.09 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, gift.

James A. Mankie, trustee, to Richard A. and Greta G. Dershimer, 304 Lake Forest Lane, Four Seasons patio homes, $312,000.

Tyler and Suzanne Taigen to Joyce Roberts, trustee, 0.209 acres at 114 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $339,000.

David J. and Amy Ward to Carol Szczyglinski, 0.137 acres at 2302 Ravenswood Court, Forest Lakes South, $280,000.


Church Hill Development Co. to Cavett K. Conaway, 1964 Tudor Court, Avon Park, $285,870.

William M. and Beverly S. Carpenter to Michael W. Boyes and Melanie K. Smart, 4.912 acres on State Route 701, 3033 Alberene Church Lane, Esmont, $275,000.

Horizon Associates LLC to Sheryl Lynn Taylor, 0.045 acres at 1338 Wimbledon Way, LeParc, RiverRun, $255,000.

Thomas Howland to College Communities LLC, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, gift.

Linda B. Mikell to Deborah E. Adams, 1720 Goldentree Place, Hollymead, $306,000.

John R. and Jody R. Mahoney to Adrienne M. Consylman, 0.473 acres at 2094 Lakeside Drive, Lake Albemarle, $500,000.

Georgie S. Grissinger to Evans M. and Gladys M. Leake, 5.04 acres at 1591 Garth Road, gift.

Jacqueline E. Samson to Linda Marques, trustee, 1190 Rose Arbor Court, Branchlands Retirement Village, gift.


Steven L. and Codie C. Peters to Jason A. and Jennifer P. Hughes, parcel in Scottsville Magisterial District, $78,950.

Fitz LLC to Robert B. and Karen A. Heathcock, 6.870 acres in Hidden Forest subdivision, $295,000.

Peter R. and Sylvia M. Chandler, trustees, to Jay J. and Carrie J. Eisenberg, 1.459 acres at 4520 Shagbark Lane, Hickory Ridge, Earlysville, $649,000.

Erick J. and Rachele A. Koenig to Lynn M. and Rober L. Green Jr., unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 111 Hessian Hills, $211,000.

L&K LLC to W. Gerald and Kim L. Martin, 2.0 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $160,000.

Jonathan W. Cannon to Sarad A. and Cortney W. Davenport, 688 Lockesley Terrace, Sherwood Manor, $175,000.

I&J Home Builders LLC to Johnny P. and Tracy L. Shifflett, 8.0 acres at 2109 Legends Way, Woodridge Estates, Scottsville, $171,947.


James F. and Amanda H. Winecoff to Kenneth R. and Ann-Marie Koppenhoefer, parcel in South Fork Farm subdivision, $335,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Ashley P. Maddox, 1948 Tudor Court, Avon Park, $242,210.

Janice S. Funk to Daniel D. Ralston, 1/15th interest in 528 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $60,000.

James R. and Cynthia B. Dodds to James A. and Sharon A. Harris, 1.505 acres at an1836 Ed Jones Road, Scottsville, $140,000.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Old Trail Carriage Park LLC, 27 lots at Carriage Park subdivision, $1,400,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Diane and Robert A. Michelucci, 2.038 acres at 3505 Foxwood Drive, Foxwood Forest, $698,983.

Joey D. Herring to Vineyard Estates LLC, 2.0 acres on Blenheim Road, $70,000.

Joey D. Herring to William Moses, 2.0 acres on Blenheim Road, $180,000.


Meadow Wood Inc. to Ronald J. Gilbert, trustee, condominium unit at Villlas at Southern 

Ridge, $172,500.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Ann Susan Gilbert, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, $164,950.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to James W. and Virginia L. Hayes, 0.243 acres at 1323 Gate Post Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $392,127.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Anthony P. and Mary Jean Sapino, 0.173 acres at 1480 Gate Post Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $370,531.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Richard E. and Laura M. Monroe, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, $159,950.

Robin C. Warner to Adam J. and Latrina R. Candia, 3.110 acres at 123 Overlook Drive, Sherwood Farms subdivision, $385,000.

Slade R. and Amber Culp to Tina L. McPheeters, 1668 Cool Springs Road, Townwood, $199,500.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Peter Russell, trustee, parcel in Glenmore, $714,502.

Sycamore Creek LLC to Jack P. and Mary Jo Desario, parcel in South Fork Farms, $275,000.

Jian and Zhihong Chen to Robert M. Tirrell and Leslie M. Comstock, 0.158 acres at 990 Canvas Back Road, Redfields, $430,000.


Murcielago LLC to Murcielago Properties LLC, 29.160 acres at 5045 Blenheim Road, the Farms at Turkey Run, $295,000.

Michael M. and Ashlea L. Maddox to Jonathan D. and Kara G. Redman, 5.06 acres at 5834 Jefferson Mill Road, Scottsville, $199,999.50

NVR Inc. to Jeffrey J. and Lisa Ann Saucerman, 0.300 acres at 5363 Park Road, Westhall, Crozet, $398,605.

Eleanor B. Young to Landon D. Saul, 0.232 acres at 93 Biltmore Drive, Bennington Terrace, $285,000.

Emma W. Robinson to Wanda L. and Alexander D. Robinson Jr., 2.03 acres on State Route 717, 5353 Secretary's Sand Road, Green Mountain, gift.

Bettie B. Davis, executrix, to Mark W., Michael W. and Kathryn J. Farrington, 0.429 acres at 1216 Oak Hill Drive, Oak Hill, $242,000.

Jean Alix and Nadine C. Zephyr to Tracy L. and Meagan O. Scott, 2.118 acres at 3510 Foxwood Drive, Foxwood Forest subdivision, Barboursville, $680,000.

Susan K. Nelson-Adams to Felix M. Hernandez, 0.113 acres at 2273 Sparrow Lane, Briarwood, $253,900.

Big Deal


James E. May, trustee, to Anthony J. Gadient and Amy L. Coffman, 1.560 acres at 529 Rookwood Place, Ednam Forest, $800,000.