LETTER- Hook's subconscious revealed

In your August 23 HotSeat article about my candidacy for Charlottesville City Council ["Psych! Indie Haskins analyzes Council run"], you made multiple references to my professional efforts as a psychiatrist. I believe that opens the door for me to comment professionally on your recent "accidental" publishing of Ann Mallek's photos with my HotSeat interview. (As we all know, there are no "accidents" in the unconscious.)

Psychoanalytically speaking, this fused image from the Hook's collective unconscious appears to be a very powerful symbolic representation of the Hook's wish for merger of the City of Charlottesville with the County of Albemarle. And who better to symbolize this birth of a new integrated vital community than the archetype you chose of two generative female leaders!

While normally, premature interpretation of such powerful unconscious wishes can be counter therapeutic to the patient– the Hook– this issue is too pregnant with meaning and symbolism for me to withhold my analysis.

Oh, I'm sorry. Our time is up. Thank you.

Barbara Haskins
Candidate for Charlottesville City Council

Indeed, the Hook's subconscious (or at least our backward internal controls) led us to one of our biggest gaffes ever: the substitution of photos of  Albemarle Board of Supervisors candidate Ann Mallek in place of photos of Haskins. The real (and humorous) Barbara Haskins can be seen this week on page xx. Mallek can be seen and heard next week. –editor.