PHOTOPHILE- Parked farmers: Mid-week veggies fill Meade

Farmers in the Park provides a place for vendors to display a variety of fresh local produce.

In May, Farmers in the Park opened up shop near the Woolen Mills neighborhood, and over the summer they've offered baked goods, fresh produce, and other garden delights to a happy band of shoppers. 

Created to augment Saturday's City Market, an oft-crowded downtown institution, Farmers in the Park gives residents the chance to get their fill of fruits and veggies mid-week. Held in Meade Park every Wednesday from 3 to 7pm, the outdoor market has been a rousing success, if the family-run farms and independent vendors from neighboring counties are to be believed. They make up the bulk of the small-scale vendors who will offer their goodies until September 26. 

Anne and Derek Bedarf take a stroll through the park after visiting with friends at the market.

After a full day at work, Carolyn Churchman stops by to arrange a bouquet.

Cassie Segal attempts to pick out the freshest watermelon.

Randy Martin offers a wide selection of fruits and veggies from Buckingham County.

Catherine Boston and Andy Crump talk with customers browsing their tent.

Corey Rush, Cassie Segal,  George Cason, Kendall Singleton, and Laura Sparks pose in front of a produce stand.

Wendy Harrison, a member of a local family farm, laughs with customers Keith and Mary Ellen Leathers.