CORRECTIONS- Karon's Mitford's a town

• In describing Jan Karon's writing in the Annual Manual, we noted that she's known for the "Jessica Mitford series." However, Charlottesville reader Frannie Hochberg-Giuffrida set us straight:

"While Jan Karon has written a series of books about the fictional town of Mitford, loosely based on Blowing Rock, North Carolina, these books do not involve Jessica Mitford. The latter was a British aristocrat, successful author (The American Way of Death, Hons and Rebels), muckraking journalist, one-time communist, and one of the famous Mitford sisters."

• Also in the Annual Manual we listed incorrect ticket prices for the Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival. The correct prices for the annual series of five concerts are $22, $16, $6 (students).

• In the first sentence of our August 16 cover story on the arrest of a suspect in the serial rapist case, we incorrectly stated the date of the arrest. Police took Nathan Antonio "Toni" Washington into custody just after 1am on Monday, August 13.