Harry J. Taylor to David Abraham and Ruei-Jen Fan, 2.0 acres at 3645 Country Lane, Country View, $325,000.

Judith S. Fox, trustee, to William C. and Kathryn G. Marlatt, 3.070 acres at Keswick Estates, $550,000.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to Herschel D. Strosberg and Jessica R. Wilk, 0.051 acres at 1116 Edmond Court, Waylands Grant, Crozet, $357,700.

Michael G. and Janice L. Smith to Thomas J. Chmiola, 5.01 acres at 4333 Watts Passage, $318,000.

Toro Vega Investment Corp. to Joachim and Betsy A. Funck, 8.84 acres at 2929 and 2930 Riggory Ridge Road, Riggory Ridge, $1,011,000.

Redlands LLC to Ronald D. and Frances D. Carter, 0.244 acres at 1220 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, gift.


Sandra M. Seal to Timothy R. Seal, 0.276 acres at 6128 Cling Lane, Crozet Crossing, $127,000.

Donna M. and William D. Davis to Joshua and Abigail Davis, 2.879 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, gift.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Andrew H. and Shawna S. McCall, 3377 Moubry Lane, Forest Ridge, $300,921.

Irma Goldberg to Glenn Goldberg and Leslie Bryan, 3254 Gateway Circle, Gateway Village, Forest Lakes Townhouses, gift.

Tribal Properties LLC to NVR Inc., parcel in Abington Place, $427,800.

Shawn A. and Jennifer Johnson to Ned L. and Juliana C. Gallaway, 0.274 acres at 2159 Loring Circle, River Creek, Dunlora, $499,900.


CSX Transportation Inc. to Steven L. and Codie Peters, 2.17 acres, $10,000.

Daniel H. and Kimberly C. Gregg to Kimberly C. Gregg, 2906 Idlewood Drive, Woodbrook, gift.

Church Hill Development Co. to Cornelius Paraham, 0.062 acres at 372 Joliet Court, Westhall, Crozet, $235,045.

Aaron and Michelle Dumont to Shawn A. Johnson, 0.181 acres at 125 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $319,900.

Parkside at Charlottesville to James F. and Kathy Eve Scheimer, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 142 Yellowstone Drive, $259,900.

Todd and Gudrun Reeder to Richard and Andrea Blayney, 0.405 acres at 3341 Braemar Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $650,000.

Suzanne and Edmund Madison Chitwood III to Mary Ann C. and William Hendrick Booz IV, 0.290 acres on State Route 738, 2874 Morgantown Road, $249,100.

Barbara A. and David P. Grogan Jr. to Patrick D. and Amy D. Pflaum,0.248 acres at  5044 Clearfields Court, Western Ridge, Crozet, $355,000.


Octopus Property LLC to Karla D. and Louis J. Herman III, unit in Riverbend condominiums, 310 Riverbend Drive, $177,859.

Cynthia D. Lockley to Liberty Homes Inc., 2.8 acres at 7536 Chestnut Grove Road, $50,000.

McFarland Group Inc. to Stephanie J. and Wayne T. Allen Jr., 2.126 acres at 1857 Beach Grove, Bentivar, $837,000.

Gregory O. and Maureen D. Block to David C. and Laurel Menser, 0.277 acres at 1675 Redington Lane, Fieldbrook, $340,000.

Townwood Investments LLC to Moises Loredo, Carol L. Alvarez, and Luis C. Flores-Ugalde, 1608 Townwood Court, Townwood, $190,500.

Jigar A. and Jesika J. Patel to Anju Grover, 0.046 acres at 4735 Blue Jay Way, Briarwood, $260,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Ronald J. Gilbert, trustee, condominim unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, $164,950.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Gregory and Stephanie Topczewski, 0.174 acres at 1482 Gate Post Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $370,007.


Dean H. Dedes to Arnold and Jane Brown, 2.059 acres in Quail Hollow subdivision, $275,000.

Lorraine L. Williams to Bryan W. and Darlene M. Branch, 3.82 acres on State Route 664, 546 Fray's Mountain Road, Earlysville, gift.

Inglewood Square LLC to John Gable III, unit in Inglewood Square condominiums, 1910 Inglewood Drive East, $140,000.

Sycamore Creek LLC to James F. and Amanda H. Winecoff, 21.740 acres at 2131 Taylor's Gap Road, North Garden, $395,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Stephen J. and Mary English Garland, 0.053 acres at 1091 Haden Terrace, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $247,000.

Dawn M. Stewart to Dawn S. and William R. Eadie III, 4638 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, gift.

Celso U. and Teresita A. Tabilas to Djoanna Daisie and Juanita A. Tabilas, 0.230 acres at 515 Jester Lane, Camelot, $220,000.

Ronald J. Gilbert, trustee, to Jennifer L. Hardy, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, 751 Mountainwood Road, $174,000.


Scott J. Taylor to Julius and Etta Harmon Levin, 890 Charter Oaks Drive, Dunlora, $425,000.

Elaine R. Lorenzoni, trustee, to Peter D. Lorenzoni, 14.6  acres, gift.

Nancy S. Sloan to Edgar C. Lawson III, trustee, parcel at 982 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, gift.

Robert C. and Heather W. Umberger to Marc D. Breton and Emily C. Whipple, 0.223 acres at 1488 Shadow Oaks Place, Raintree, $354,900.

Charlesl N. Ammons to Tucker J. and Lori D. Rollins, 0.302 acres at 1327 Gristmill Drive, Mill Creek, $265,000.

Susan A. and W. James Copeland Jr. to Jacqueline S. Corcoran, 0.065 acres at 1065 SomerChase Court, Hollymead, $307,500.

Marian C. Pinkham to Equity Shelter LLC, 0.185 acres at 1424 Gate Post Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $443,968.

Karen L. Bjorn, trustee, to Amy Smith and Julie Rydlund, 0.516 acrs at 1215 Maple View Lane, Willow Lake, $315,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Anel Sefer, condominium unit in Villas at Southern Ridge, 1356 Villa Way, $188,000.

Sara E. Rugo and Jerry W. Thacker to Jackie and Austin Jamison, 1330 Peachtree Drive, Orchard Acres, Crozet, $199,900.


Brandon J. Gaetino and Katherine D. Szabo to Patrick Neil Wright, 0.087 acres at 4616 Heather Court, Briarwood, $196,000.

Rollin M. Stanton III to Michael J. Carmagnola, 9.035 acres on State Route 635, Samuel Miller Magisterial District, $250,000.

Thomas J. and Tracy C. Seeley to Wallace D. and Kimberlee A. Barrett-Johnson, 1.078 acres at 830 Carlyle Place, Foxchase, $1,000,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Thomas J. and Tracy C. Seeley, 0.459 acres at 2507 Montgomery Ridge Road, Montgomery Ridge, $595,000.

Tien N. Ho and Jimmy V. Nguyen to Duong Bui, 0.323 acres at 1097 Foxvale Lane, Foxcroft, $335,000.

Barry and Patricia Klecan to Joseph C. and Susan F. Imbriaco, 0.243 acres at 137 Spring Mountain Road, Mill Creek, $233,000.

Harris Bank, trustee, to Suzanne G. and Donald E. Schinsing Jr., 1.709 acres at 839 Flordon Drive, Flordon, $792,500.

Anne l. Hunter to William J. and Kristie L. Bader, 4.027 acres at 131 Deerwood Drive, Indian Springs, $232,000.

Stephen D. and Amy K. Gawtry to William J. and Caroline S. Beisswanger, 0.251 acres at 2123 Loring Circle, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $650,000.

Graham A. , Emily, and G. Allen Randolph  to Greenmont Farms RLLP, 21.026 acres at 2160 Plank Road, Montrose, $800,000.

James and Margaret Ann Christmas to Charles N. Ammons, 0.265 acres at 1104 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $245,000.

RD Wade Builder Inc. to James L. and Karen S. Sniadecki, 0.253 acres at 1614 Grayrock Court, Grayrock, Crozet, $348,950.

Big Deal

Thomas J. and Tracy C. Seeley to Wallace D. and Kimberlee A. Barrett-Johnson, 1.078 acres at 830 Carlyle Place, Foxchase, $1,000,000.