MY RIDE- Sallie Sims: 2006 Volvo V50

Sallie Sims

When Sallie Sims' husband came home with a 2006 Volvo V50, she never imagined she'd be willing to trade her VW Jetta for it.

But he loves cars, and Sims says that when he decided to replace the Volvo with a new Mini Cooper, "I couldn't let him do it– I traded in my Jetta to keep the Volvo V50 for myself."

What about the Volvo compelled her to make the switch? In addition to the all-wheel drive and keyless sensor that automatically unlocks and starts the car, she says, "As a grandmother, I really love Volvos for their safety features and excellent customer service." 

Not only is the Volvo a great buy for her family, but the V50 also packs a lot of punch. 

"I don't have one complaint about it" Sims says. "It's a very comfortable car and a lot of fun to drive– it just has a lot of pep."