LETTER- Try interviewing the Master

Regarding your July 19 article "Yogi flare: Blessed mother raises guru's profile," I am the individual Adam Sorensen interviewed for much of the story.  While I acknowledge the author/editor's right to spin, I never said that the retreat title "It's Time for a New God" represents a rejection of the traditional God; I said it represents an update– big difference.

Regarding the caption under the photo– "A flurry of recent donations enabled the Foundation to build this shrine and pavilion for the Blessed Mother Apparition"– I never said that, and it is not true.

Regarding Mr. Sorensen's repeated claim that the Blessed Mother speaks only to Master Charles– not only did I not say that, but I specifically told him that many have seen, heard, or otherwise sensed Her presence directly.

Apparently though, that point didn't fit Mr. Sorensen's agenda that this is about Master Charles alone. To include the fact that others have had the same experience would have weakened your reporter's case. By the way, the cartoon in the print version is shallow and insipid– not even good satire.

 Finally, please note that despite numerous offers to arrange for Mr. Sorensen to interview Master Charles directly, he instead chose instead to write this story without ever speaking to the main subject or stepping foot on the property. The Daily Progress and WCAV-TV sent journalists to check it out for themselves and then created their stories on the basis of experience.

I guess this is the Hook's brand of "absentee journalism." 

Alan M. Scherr, V.P.
Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality