LETTER- Joseph's transformation suspicious

Prize-winner Jen Fariello's charming pictures for The Hook's recent HotSeat on Marcia Joseph compelled me to write ["The funeral singer: Joseph's coats of many colors," July 26]. I have worked with Joseph since 1991 and can honestly say I have never seen her smile or look as pleasant and joyful as those pictures depict her.

When she was an Albemarle County Zoning/Planning staff member, I encountered her in dozens of meetings and have since run into her at many growth-issue events. She has always scowled, has sent glowering messages with her eyes to applicants that "Your project is unacceptable to me," and has been perpetually angry and looked both inflexible and immovable.

 It was always crystal clear that Joseph had an agenda whether she was a taxpayer-paid staff member or on the Planning Commission. Her job was to obstruct– not improve or help.

Where has this Earth Mother, this amiable and appealing person been hiding? When did this sweet, even cute, woman see fit to emerge from that hard, mean old cocoon? Could it be just in time for the Board of Supervisor's election?

Could it be that she finally has her eye on the prize she has so long sought– the role of decision-maker, a powerful impediment to growth? Is she imagining finally being able to do something to implement the long-standing agenda she stated in your article: "...the character of this place ... that made me want to stay here and help work to protect it"? 

Don't we all want to protect our beautiful home? The people of the Rivanna District have a decision to make. They need to decide whether they want at least one person on the Board who understands how to control the inevitable growth of Albemarle County with a measured and a broad outlook. Don't we all need at least one person on the Board with an understanding of the businesses that keep us all working and trying to live in this County? (That's Ken Boyd.) 

They have another choice: they can elect this fuming, glaring person who has had a narrow focus and has sought control/power in every position she has held since 1991. 

Is her agenda yours? Learn more about her before casting your vote.

Linda McRaven
Albemarle County

In the mid-1990s, the author eventually won permission to build (but never built) a living history theater in the foothills of Keswick–editor.


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Linda McRaven, you sound like a sad, sad woman. What a catty letter.