ANNUAL MANUAL- Media: Listings


The Hook

Popular wisdom when the Hook started in 2002 was that Charlottesville wasn't big enough to support another weekly. Perhaps there was a smidgen of truth to that– sadly, the Observer, the city's oldest weekly, folded within the last few years after 26 years. Meanwhile, the Hook is the city's must-read paper every Thursday. Don't take our word for it. Ask our peers at the Virginia Press Association, who bestowed 21 awards upon the paper this year, in addition to the prestigious Journalistic Integrity and Community Service Award, given to only two publications annually. Check out our website, the most comprehensive in town, fully archived (well, mostly) and netting almost a million page views per month. Whatever you need to know about Charlottesville you'll find in the Hook. 295-8700

The Daily Progress

Charlottesville's only daily got a redesign in 2003, so now it looks like every other Media General newspaper. Locals have nicknamed it the "Regress," perhaps because its steady turnover of underpaid, green reporters results in gaffes that could be avoided if profitable Media General paid enough to retain its journalists once they get a little experience. For political journalism, however, it's hard to beat their veteran reporter, Bob Gibson. 978-7200

Cavalier Daily

The University of Virginia's student-published newspaper claims to be the oldest daily– at least when school is in session– in town, and its website is one of the better local sources of archived news. 924-1086


Blue Ridge Outdoors

This all-outdoors-all-the-time monthly celebrates 10 years of hiking, biking, running, climbing, and paddling in Virginia and North Carolina. 817-2755

C-ville Weekly

Home of "The Rant." Published Tuesdays. 817-2749

Charlottesville-Albemarle Tribune

Charlottesville's oldest African-American newspaper dates from 1950. Published every Thursday. Once available only by subscription, it's now at selected newsstands. 979-0373

Charlottesville Guide

A tourist guide. 817-2000

Charlottesville Arts & Entertainment

A monthly tourist guide with excellent maps. 295-9004

Charlottesville House and Home and Garden

A glossy new publication dedicated to all things shelter. 


Charlottesville's oldest new-age monthly is the best source to find a feng shui consultant or a shaman. 295-3407

In the Kitchen

Charlottesville's food monthly claims an eye-popping 24,000 readers here and in Lynchburg. Food and wine news, plus a meal planner with menus and recipes to see you through the month. 973-5501

Keswick Life

Monthly tabloid that documents a sumptuous world most of us can only imagine. 242-8033

Crozet Gazette

It's been a boom time for this formerly sleepy town, and recently they got their first monthly publication. 466-8939

Nelson County Life

"Your source for everything Nelson." Started in April 2005 by a husband and wife duo of former TV reporters, the monthly avoids hard news and doesn't mind if you call its stories "fluff." 361-0104

Real Estate Weekly

A 15-year-old stitch-and-trim pub in glorious color with a distribution of 11,500. But when the housing bubble bursts, no one will know it from flipping through these pages. Published every Wednesday. 817-9330

Scottsville Monthly

If there's trouble right here in River City, you'll read about it here. 591-1000

The Light Magazine

A quarterly publication that focuses on the local African-American community. 326-5465


Local news, meta-news, and commentary hosted by Virginia Tech alum/ wunderkind Waldo Jaquith. Join the fun and sniping. Links to other media, whether their websites are viable or not.

Host of the city's oldest website, Democrat George Loper indulges his interests in politics, bird watching, and go karts. Discourse is civil, perhaps because people sign their names to their remarks– and because Loper's archives are awesome.



This mag adorns the tonier coffee tables in Charlottesville and features lifestyles of the local rich, if not famous. Available at newsstands or by subscription bimonthly for $12. 817-2000

AlbemarleFamily Living

AlbemarleFamily has grown up from a black-and-white quarterly to a slick, award-winning monthly. In fact, it's so glossy we had to move it from niche publications category to our magazine section. And its website has always been the place to go to figure out what to do with those darn kids. 984-4713

Virginia Sportsman

These folks like to fish and hunt, and they're "well educated and well-heeled," according to its website. Subscriptions for this 80-page bimonthly glossy are $20 for six issues, and it's available in Barnes & Noble. 964-1620

Virginia Living 

This relatively new (founded in 2003) bimonthly statewide publication knocks readers' socks off with its bold splashes of color on each glossy cover and stories celebrating the vibrant lives in the Commonwealth– many in our neck of the woods. 804-343-7539