QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your best amusement park experience?

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Lee Bibb: "The Flight of Fear was probably the most memorable, because that one did scare me. The first roller coaster I went on wasn't that scary, which was at Busch Gardens. But Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion was so scary because it was all indoors, all in the dark, and all going around in bunches of circles."


Brian Kemmerer: "In high school, my best friend's dad had a prosthetic leg. So because he was handicapped, they would allow us to go up the exit ramps on all the roller coasters and we wouldn't have to wait in line at all. So we could ride each roller coaster twice an hour. We would spend the day going from roller coaster, to roller coaster, to roller coaster and ride them all day long without having to wait in line."


Meghan Sweeny: "That would have to be Kennywood, riding the Thunderbolt in Pittsburgh, PA. I rode it seven times in a row, non-stop."