MY RIDE- Amy Melville: 1997 Subaru Legacy Wagon

Amy Melville

The dark blue, Legacy wagon is a good fit for Amy Melville, as she just wants something to depend on.

"I like the four-wheel-drive," Melville says, looking over her 10-year-old Subaru. "It drives really well in bad weather."

But it hasn't been all smooth riding for the last decade and 98,000 miles.

"I wish it was more comfortable on the highway or easier to park downtown," Melville says, "I guess that's the price of having a station wagon."

The car hasn't given her too much trouble, but all good things come to an end. "It's getting to that age," Melville laments, "we had to replace the clutch; that was the biggest thing."

But the ol' wagon will have to last a little longer; when asked if she was looking to but something new anytime soon, Melville responds with a wistful smile, "Not until my kids are out of college."


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That model is relatively trouble free and the engine 2.2 is best subaru ever made. If the clutch had to be replaced at under 100K miles something was wrong, like a misadjustment of the clutch cable or the hill holder or driving around with your foot on the clutch pedal. There are many here in NH that have over 200K miles and the only main reason people get rid of them is rust issues for inspection and if they ran them thru a car wash a few times during the winter that would not be an issue later on.