LETTER- How Master Charles helped me

I have never been affiliated in any way with Synchronicity, nor do I follow its teachings. [July 19: "Yogi Flare: Blessed mother raises guru's profile"] I have, however, known Master Charles Cannon, as a person, not a guru, for years. He is a genuinely good guy, who believes in, and lives by what he preaches.

To his credit, he is not a proseletizer. If Master Charles says that he sees a Blessed Mother manifestation, I believe him. He is not a liar, delusional, or just another flakey pseudo-guru, but instead, a quite straightforward man.

Master Charles would never conjure up a faux apparation, just to hustle for donations, because, philosophically, such an act would utterly violate his principles.

As for his tapes, I can't say what they do for one's spirituality, but they do work a treat on air travel stress. Years ago, he gave (not sold) me some of his meditation tapes. Since then, for me, they have offset the hideous discomforts of 30+ hour trips. Before using his tapes, I was unable to sleep unmedicated on a plane, but those tapes work better than sleeping pills!

If following Master Charles helps some people achieve spiritual and religious balance, more power to him. The world is not poorer for having another religion/philosophy which promotes inner peace, tranquility, and spirituality, regardless of whether or not his particular variety appeals to you.

M. Purcell
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