PHOTOPHILE: Temperatures rise, prices drop at Bargain Days

Mid-summer sales at the Downtown Mall's Bargain Days bring eager shoppers looking for deals.

As summer winds down, downtown store owners bring some of their merchandise right onto the Downtown Mall during the annual "Old Fashioned Bargain Days," this year July 12-14. Hoping to create floor space for new fall shipments, many shops display their overlooked treasures and the latest summer fashions in front of the store.

An abundance of books, clothing, jewelry, and even furniture lines the brick walkways of the Mall for the three-day shopping extravaganza, visited by the Hook on Friday the 13th. Luring community members from near and far, Bargain Days offer a chance for residents to find deals while connecting with shop owners and promoting Charlottesville's economy. 

Pearl employee Alissa Reeves sets up an umbrella to provide shade for the store's display.

Mike Kidd, owner of the Mens and Boys Shop, offers friendly conversation as customers browse the sidewalk sale.

Recent William and Mary graduate Brie Kalen takes a look around Cha Cha's kitchy merchandise.

Great bargains cause Tessa Whitney and Carrie Ryan to smile about their purchases.

Ann Joseph chats with Sandy Natterer, owner of the cozy downtown candle shop Glo.

On her day off, Pam MacIntyre hunts for unique beads at Studio Baboo with Ann Williams.