MY RIDE- Logan Mills: 1996 Toyota Corolla

Logan Mills

When Logan Mills' family bought their '96 Corolla, they weren't looking for anything fancy.

"We bought it in the fall of 2005 from my sister for $500," Mills says. "We just wanted it so that we'd have three cars for three people."

And although she laments the torrent of water that pours from the sunroof when it rains and the funny noises it makes from time to time, "nothing fancy" is serving them pretty well.

"My dad takes it out of state on business; I use it to go back and forth to school– it's great," Mills says. "And, hey– the AC actually works."

But the real reason the car was worth it in the first place is its stamina: "It has 191,000 miles on it right now, and it's still kickin'," she says.